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"Police officers we'd never even met before knew our names and seemed to know a hell of a lot about us," says one reporter
Vice President visits Kiev, warns Russia to "respect Ukrainian sovereignty" or face further consequences
Roadside robbery sees thieves make off with blood samples from suspected Ebola patient
Top U.S. diplomat schedules evening meeting with his Iranian counterpart, suggesting some hope of movement with less than 4 days to deadline
Anti-government protests in Mexico are turning violent. Demonstrators are furious with the disappearance and apparent murder of 43 college students. A mayor and his wife are believed to be involved. Manuel Bojorquez reports from Dallas.
Families often struggle for respite after 30 years of constant war, but now there is at least one place to escape, if only for a day
Communist Party-run newspaper shames some professors for not painting a pretty enough picture of China to students
Demonstration turned violent as rocks and gas bombs are thrown at police as the protest moved toward the capital in Mexico City
People from Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia who have been living in the U.S. illegally will get temporary protection from deportation
Teenage girl died following illegal but still widely practiced procedure in doctor's office in 2013

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