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Alan Henning, a 47-year-old British aid worker, was kidnapped in December after crossing from Turkey into Syria
Survivors of deadly eruption say luck and instinct made the difference between life and death

A future for Punch and Judy?

England's long-running puppet show tradition struggles to adapt to modern values

A look back in time

A combination barbershop and railroad museum brings visitors back in time in Northern Ireland
Key border town under brutal assault by extremists takes center stage in U.S.-led effort against ISIS as 150,000 Kurds flee area
Amid concern over Europeans heading to Syria, gov't seeks power to stop people who "spread poisonous hatred"
Participants in Phuket vegetarian festival pierce their faces for cleansing ritual
In a speech to the UN General Assembly, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took to Iran and Iranian President Rouhani with strong words.
Ground broken on new hospital, mobile Ebola labs set to open in Liberia as American military effort gets rolling
Thousands defy tear gas and calls to disperse, instead digging in and giving Beijing 1 day to grant political reforms, but will Beijing flinch?

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