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Best Smartphone Applications For Students

August 2, 2011 7:41 AM

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Students Throughout The UK Receive Their A Level Results
There’s a brand new school year in our midst and what better way for students to prepare than accessing the the tools they need for higher learning on the Smartphone! Check out some of the top applications that are “cool for school” and bring learning to student fingertips!

New Oxford American Dictionary

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With the New Oxford American Dictionary application, students will never be at a loss for words! The application is rich in assistance and helps to strengthen vocabularies while offering more than 350,000 words, phrases, and senses, and hundreds of explanatory notes. The application also offers more than 60,000 audio pronunciations for dictionary entries, an inclusive and comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of current English and a “Word Trends” feature charts usage for rapidly changing words and phrases; those are just a few of the features available to students. The application sets a standard of excellence and allows students to achieve linguistic proficiency while enhancing word choice for those term papers due for school!

Convert—The Unit Calculator

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Convert—the unit calculator not only allows students to convert area, currency, energy, force, but length, speed, temperature, volume, typography are also included. With simplicity and usability at their fingertips, students can easily perform complicated unit calculations. Some features include: unit calculations, currency conversion values updated live and a non-complicated user interface. Talk about math solved in a matter of minutes!

Periodic Table of The Elements

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As a “fine connoisseur of chemistry”, students are now able to carry the entire periodic table of the elements wherever they go! The most up to date and accurate information is available to students! The Periodic Table of The Elements is available to students from the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry to the organization of the 118 elements by name, atomic number, chemical series, symbol, and phase. Students only need tap the desired element and the information flows! Each element’s icon is color-coded by its phase with pristine graphics. Information about each element allows students to gain perspective and knowledge about them. So there is no excuse for students not knowing how and what makes our world go ’round!

National Geographic World Atlas

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With the National Geographic World Atlas app, students can discover the world. With only a few taps of the finger, even the most remote places on earth are made visible! With such features as an added 3D globe to initial home screen, with choice of three different map styles and world flags & facts with current information, students are able to increase their geographical knowledge. From knowing the great literary writers and their birth places to finding out where wars are being fought, students have knowledge of the wold and its places in the palms of their hands!

Cicely C. Mitchell

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