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Best Off Leash Dog Areas In Charlotte

August 10, 2013 8:00 AM

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Looking for an off-leash experience for the family dog? Consider these following questions. Is the dog socialized enough to not be fearful or aggressive towards other dogs and people? Will the dog be obedient to basic commands in the light of a zillion distractions? And, will the dog be a safety threat to himself or others around? For most dogs, training is required to adequately prepare the family pet for this experience. Charlotte has a variety of off-leash opportunities for the family pet. Here are a few tips and locations.
petparksaaa Best Off Leash Dog Areas In Charlotte

Playing with tug toy (Credit, Catherine Lash)

Frazier Dog Park
1201 W. 4th St.
Charlotte, NC 28202
(704) 432-4280

Frazier Dog Park is located in uptown Charlotte. Bring the human kids on this trip too as there is a lot to keep them busy. There are two basketball courts and tennis courts. A walking trail curves through beautiful greenery of big trees and there’s even a creek. A running track borders a large, football-type field. Toddlers will enjoy a small playground area. Dog accommodations include two areas — one for small dogs and the other for larger breeds. There are water spigots and a small fountain to keep the pets hydrated and cool. Doggy bags abound, so keep the park clean.

petparks2aaa Best Off Leash Dog Areas In Charlotte

Dixie Belle with owner (Credit, Catherine Lash)

Off Leash Dog Training
304 S. Polk St.
Pineville, NC 28134
(704) 900-0900

When is the family dog ready for an off-leash experience? Turk Akbay, owner of Off Leash Dog Training, has trained over 1,500 dogs in Charlotte. Just because the dog is great inside the house doesn’t mean behavior will be good at the park. Does the dog regularly follow commands? Still not quite sure if the pet is ready? Akbay says to allow the dog to drag the leash inside the park. What’s the most important part? It’s the walk from the car to the park. Akbay says do not relinquish control to the pet. He once received a call from an owner, inside a dog park, who spent 45 minutes trying to retrieve his dog. Bring along a favorite tug toy and do not allow the dog to play with it inside the park. Using the toy as an enticement, call the dog’s name. After you have regained control, take the pet outside of the enclosed area and play.

Zoom Room
12239 N. Community House Road, Suite 134
Charlotte, NC 28277
(704) 900-6728

Zoom Room is a dog training facility, but also a popular location for dog meet-up groups. It’s a time for off-leash playing in a more controlled environment than a dog park. The Charlotte Small Dog Society meet-up group, with its 79 members, convenes at the Zoom Room on occasion. The facility offers space for small, medium and large dogs. If the dogs are not clients, the owner will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire. A staff member monitors the play area, making sure owners are paying attention to their dogs. Agility equipment and dog toys are available. Price is $10 per dog.

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Lucky Dog
19607 Statesville Road
Cornelius, NC 28031
(704) 896-5550

Lucky Dog is in Charlotte’s Lake Norman area. There’s nothing like this in the country, except in Houston. Membership is annual fee of $10 per family. There are indoor and outdoor off-leash play areas for dogs. The indoor features a sports bar, doggie play area, a sports-themed boutique for dogs and owners, doggie daycare, dog grooming and overnight facilities for the family pet. Enjoy sitting out on a covered patio, watching the games on TV, while your pooch runs about. Owners are responsible for their dogs. Before admittance, dogs must be socialized.

petparks3aaa Best Off Leash Dog Areas In Charlotte

Rocket with owner (Credit, Catherine Lash

Fetching Meadows
McAlpine Creek Park
8711 Monroe Road
Charlotte, NC 28212

Fetching Meadows off-leash dog play area is part of the 114 acres of McAlpine Creek Park. Fetching Meadows is an acre of fenced-in play area for dogs. McAlpine Creek Park is a beautiful spot in Charlotte. There is a fishing pier for the three-acre lake, gazebo, horseshoes, five soccer fields and bike and nature trails, including a 5K cross-country championship course. The dog park is for all sizes of pets, mixed in together. Approaching the dog park, to the right is a low area with big trees for shade. To the left is a high area with a few trees and some benches.

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