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Best Local Rock Bands In Charlotte

August 8, 2013 8:00 AM

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Often times, when it comes to musical entertainment, national headliners are the first acts that come to mind. However, it’s also evident that most national headliners didn’t become famous overnight. In fact, there’s a strong chance that most of them started in garages, played smaller local venues—and quite often—did so for peanuts. In order to become national headliners, they had to work hard and make the right connections, while continuously building the most important element of all–their fan bases. Featured in this article is an exceptional group of local rock bands that have passed the test of getting into the biz.
Jerry’s Bones

Jerry’s Bones is an impressive, four-piece jam band with a soulful and groovy style. The group was founded by Cameron and Kendra Matthews in 2008. This amazingly talented husband-and-wife duo are musically accompanied by Edward Williams on drums and by Elliott Noto on bass guitar. The group has a strong and loyal fan base and is blessed with a strong, family-oriented support system, which includes the merchandising and sound production efforts of Sandra Williams and “JW” Williams. The group continues to take Charlotte’s music scene by storm with numerous local appearances and an anticipated debut album release, which includes increased interest from various music labels. Considering this group’s impressive work ethic and its spot-on, “funk-groove” style, there’s a strong feeling among Charlotte’s music scene that suggests Jerry’s Bones’ Grammy worthiness is bound to land the group on North Carolina’s—once again—map of proven, musical fame.

 Best Local Rock Bands In Charlotte
Burning Bright

Burning Bright is a phenomenal group with a strong following around Charlotte and the Southeast. The group was originally founded by front-man Marcus Ireland. Ireland is musically accompanied by Travis Howell on lead guitar, Michael Lanigan on bass guitar and Mark Clendenin on drums. Although the group enjoys upholding its reputation for playing very entertaining shows via its wide selection of ’90s-to-present cover songs, the group continues to spend countless hours in the recording studio for the anticipated release of its second album. The group’s debut album, “Beautiful Mess” (GYB Entertainment, 2011), which features its world-acclaimed hit “New Day,” was recorded and produced at Sound Reflection Studios by two-time Grammy award-winner Bruce Irvine. Marcus Ireland mentioned that “The new album promises to blow the last one away…” As a result of this group’s continuous display of confidence, dedication and strong work ethic, it will be no surprise to find Burning Bright somewhere on the map of musical fame.

 Best Local Rock Bands In Charlotte
The Freeway Revival

Originally from Culpeper, VA, the Asheville-based Freeway Revival represents the western side of Charlotte’s greater music scene. The group was founded by twin brothers Adam and Jonathan Clayton. The two brothers are musically accompanied by Joey Lee and Cartwright Brandon. Together, this amazing group of dignified musicians continues to throw down a unique repertoire of music, which entails what it refers to as “Rock/All Classic American Music.” The group is currently on the tail-end of a national tour in support of its debut album. The trail from the band’s extended musical presence continues to leave audiences around the country wanting more.

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Garlic City

Garlic City—one of the more unique “indie” groups around Charlotte’s music scene—is made up of Elliott Simpson, Bayley Courtland, Logan Newsome and Brodie Cole. Originally, the group was formed from Simpson’s solo gig, Garlic Farm, and Cole’s solo gig, Skyscraper City,” hence the name Garlic City. The group relies strongly on its motto of “saying so much in so few words” to produce great music. Potentially, this motto promises to raise the bar on Charlotte’s music scene and beyond. Until then, the group tends to frequent many hard-to-land bookings, with a healthy momentum and fan base to follow. With a strong musical momentum and fan base in full-force, this group is bound and destined for national exposure.

The Tater Family Traveling Circus

The Tater Family Traveling Circus was formed by singer and songwriter Luke Edwards. Edwards is accompanied by Ashley Conine on guitar and harmonica, Jonathan Bowling on bass guitar and Corbett Richards on drums and percussion. As if the group’s name isn’t unique enough, it’s the bar-setting music associated with TFTC that truly sets this group apart from others. As said best by Edwards, TFTC’s genre is “dubbed as ‘high-test’ hillbilly, a mix of the area’s traditional music combined with the new wave of Southern rock.” The group continues a strong tour presence in the Southeast in support of its debut album “Curiosities.”

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Douglas Ebert is a freelance writer who covers music and night life in Charlotte. Doug has a passion for discovering local bands with exceptional talent, and enjoys displaying their ability to entertain Charlotte’s night life. His work can be found on .

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