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Best Local Bluegrass Bands In Charlotte

September 19, 2013 8:00 AM

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(Photo by Karl Walter/Getty Images for Stagecoach)

(Photo by Karl Walter/Getty Images for Stagecoach)

 (Photo by Karl Walter/Getty Images for Stagecoach)

(Photo by Karl Walter/Getty Images for Stagecoach)

With respect to North Carolina’s deep musical history, bluegrass music continues to capture the more traditional and, even, the newly accustomed audiences among music lovers around the greater Charlotte area. Whether it’s a festival in the Appalachian Mountains or even a private party in the midst of Charlotte’s hustle and bustle, there is a proven presence of high-quality bluegrass groups that are ready for hire and are prepared to keep this familiar NC musical tradition alive. Below are five exceptional groups that come highly recommended for doing just that.
Mellonbelly Acoustic Guitar Duo

Mellonbelly is a nationally recognized Guitar Duo, with a wide spectrum of entertainment possibilities. Its musical resume includes live musical appearances at weddings, business functions and other parties and events. Although this group’s musical expertise primarily revolves around the bluegrass genre, Mellonbelly thrives on a mixture of genres and has verifiable gig experience—definitely a viable entertainment option for that next major event.

Strings of Victory

Strings of Victory is a gospel group that represents the more traditional spectrum of the bluegrass genre. This group specializes in live performances and takes pride in its unique authenticity. This authenticity includes the ability to passionately entertain its followers with all-acoustic instruments, with an excellent track record to go with, as a result of various successful appearances around the South. This is definitely a group worth checking out for those private parties where musical preference may be more particular yet still tasteful and entertaining.

The Idle Time Band

The Idle Time Band has been known around the Carolinas as a well-respected bluegrass musical option since its mid-90s debut. All members have a combined, unique ability to contribute to the group both vocally and with the musical ability to play all acoustic instruments interchangeably. This musical ability includes the classic presence of an up-right bass and the uniqueness of a Dobro. The depth and experience of this group can be spoken for by the many who have chosen to hire its unique talent for various events. The Idle Time Band comes with very high recommendations for rehire and are definitely worth checking out.

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Backporch Bluegrass

Over the past five years, Backporch has been a highly sought-after group for its recognizable ability to entertain large crowds at various fairs and festivals around the Carolinas. This claim holds true, as the group’s appearances have proven to continuously convey the band’s musical passion and sincerity, which is influenced by a vast variety of bluegrass artists. Although Backporch’s musical resume yields a history of festivals, it is highly regarded for its personal touch and ability to entertain customers and their guests at more intimate and private gatherings.

The Local Boys

Although The Local Boys deliver a standard musical sensation with regard to the bluegrass genre, it’s the group’s ability to deliver a variety of unique vocal combinations, considering the various talents possessed among this amazingly talented group, that helps this group stand out. In addition to its ability to deliver a very sensational variation of bluegrass music, The Local Boys has the ability to switch up the uniqueness of its musical repertoire with blues, rock and other related genres. An appearance by The local Boys at that next big event should prove to be a big bang for your buck, which is also backed by previous recommendations.

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Douglas Ebert is a freelance writer who covers music and night life in Charlotte. Doug has a passion for discovering local bands with exceptional talent, and enjoys displaying their ability to entertain Charlotte’s night life. His work can be found on .

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