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Best Haunted Places In Charlotte

October 7, 2013 8:00 AM

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Photo Credit Thinkstock

Photo Credit Thinkstock

People have always been fascinated with ghost sightings and intrigued by haunting and scary stories. While most claim they do not believe in ghosts or haunted houses, there seems to be an abundance of people who will readily admit that they have experienced some supernatural occurrence or know someone who has. There are happenings in the world that we cannot explain even if it is a coffee cup not being where we think we left it or things that go bump in the night. Try as we might to explain those things that scare us, we still seek them out whether it is through movies, haunted houses or visiting places that others believe to be infiltrated with the unexplained and scary.

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Latta Plantation
5225 Sample Road
Huntersville, NC 28078
(704) 875-2312

The Latta family is said to haunt this historic plantation that it built and owned for years before the family’s death. Patrons and employees have reported a variety of strange occurrences at the plantation even during guided tours. Noises can be heard in the attic as if children were running and playing and a cane of one of the family members suddenly started moving on its own as it was being shown to a tour group. Employees have reported that they have had doors and windows slam shut as well as seeing shadows walk down the hall. The most disturbing thing is people standing in the windows, yet there is no one in the room.

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Queens University of Charlotte
1900 Selwyn Ave.
Charlotte, NC 28274
(704) 337-2200

There are three sites on the campus of Queens University that are said to be haunted and students swear that the rumors of each are true. The Wallace Dorm is said to be inhabited by a poltergeist with cold spots in a corner of the dorm rooms. Cold spots usually indicate that a spiritual presence is about. Noises are often heard that range from banging to papers being tossed about. Albright Dorm is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman who was distraught when her parents did not approve of her relationship with another woman and she hanged herself. The tormented girl is said to knock on and slam doors. In the dead of the night, if you wander into the Courtyard, you can allegedly see a hanging body, hear screams and see ghostly Civil War-era soldiers milling about.

Sally’s Bridge
Popular Tent Road
Concord, NC 28025

According to legend, a young lady named Sally was driving at night during a heavy rain and went off the bridge into a creek. Sally could not find her baby in the swollen creek and eventually both of them drowned. Driving across the bridge late at night, many have reported seeing a woman frantically looking for her baby, even knocking on car windows or appearing beside the car pleading for help. Those who stop on the bridge will have Sally accost them to help her find her baby. There are several versions of the “haunted bridge” scenario floating about with most of them being dismissed as folk tales and urban legends, but many swear that on certain nights, you can see Sally searching for her baby.

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Spencer Mountain
222 Spencer Mountain Road
Gastonia, NC 28056

Spencer Mountain is said to be one of the most haunted places in the Charlotte area with some of the apparitions being somewhat hostile or presenting themselves as violent. Some have said they have observed a woman holding the head of a baby in each hand and there is a spirit that follows them through the house. Sarah seems to be the most active spirit on the property, having been seen following people, sitting at the well and she can appear in full or just as a floating spirit. Spencer Mountain is said to be haunted by at least three ghosts, two men and a lady, presumably Sarah, but there have also been sightings of ghostly children milling about.

Lincoln Academy
119 Lincoln Academy Road
Gastonia, NC 28086

Though the school has now been razed, the story of Kathleen Smiley, who was violated and murdered, lingers on with her spirit. An horrific end to such a young life has made the Lincoln Academy and the site where it used to sit one of the most eerie places in Charlotte. If you wander the grounds at night, it is said that you can feel the presence of someone or something lurking about. If you cross the bridge nearby, you do not want to stop and linger because your car will stall and will not start again. Lincoln Academy may be long gone but the legend that surrounds it lives on.

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