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Best Fortune Tellers In Charlotte

October 28, 2013 8:00 AM

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(Photo credit AIZAR RALDES/AFP/GettyImages)

(Photo credit AIZAR RALDES/AFP/GettyImages)

What does the future hold for you? It’s a question that everyone has as they face big decisions or one of life’s many challenges. Fortunately, many people with intuitive and psychic powers offer their services to help you chart your course and get in touch with your spiritual center. They work with a variety of methods, including astrological charts, tarot cards, crystals, numerology, dream interpretation and spirit readings. To help you find the method that’s best for you, here’s a list of Charlotte’s top clairvoyants and astrologers.
Vivian Carol
1801 E. 5th St., Suite 102
Charlotte, NC 28204
(704) 366-3777

A certified Professional Astrologer since 1975, Vivian Carol’s syndicated weekly columns appear in several publications, as well as on her website. She is also a registered nurse and Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of North Carolina. Her personalized astrological readings integrate this knowledge of psychology with her expert understanding of cosmic forces. Carol also offers dream work counseling and is a board-certified hypnotherapist.

Aziza Gayle
(704) 699-0423

A natural intuitive, Aziza Gayle offers life readings, holistic life coaching and spiritual counseling using her skills as a medium and healer. During her intuitive readings, she connects with spirit guides, ancestors and ancient powers through clairvoyance and oracle cards to convey messages to enhance the client’s physical and spiritual well-being. Gayle is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Reiki Master, and is specially trained in chakra clearing and balancing. She offers home study courses in reiki and chakra balancing and also creates hand-crafted spirit dolls representing and channeling the healing energies of the guardian spirits that inhabit Mother Earth and the universe.

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Gina The Tarologist
(704) 846-0217

Using tarot cards and her psychic abilities, Gina Spriggs gives in-depth readings about events past, present and future in her clients’ lives and the options that face them as they move forward through life. Following a reading, she offers healing energy remedies to balance and restore harmony on all levels, including sound therapy, chakra clearing and electro-magnetic field balancing. Gina also does intuitive regressions, allowing clients to relive moments in their current lives as well as in past lives to heal emotional and spiritual imbalances. Tarot readings are available via Skype or at The Bag Lady on Kenilworth Avenue.

Steve Nelson
(704) 375-3759

Known by many Charlotteans as “the Wizard” for his deep knowledge of esoteric subjects, Steve Nelson is a life-long student of astrology, Native American star lore, moon cycles, tarot, the I-Ching, kabala and numerology, as well as mythology, psychology and history. He combines all of these subjects in the practice of his unique brand of GAIA Astrology. Nelson’s life readings include an in-depth birth chart analysis including significant minor planets that may impact your destiny, an interpretation of your name through numerology, tarot and an I-Ching life hexagram, and the interpretation of any birthmarks. This process illuminates each person’s personal mythology and archetypes, and helps identify natural talents, in addition to addressing issues arising in the present.

Karen Yoder
1710 Kenilworth Ave., Suite 200
Charlotte, NC 28203
(704) 338-9778

An award-winning Pilates instructor and ultra marathoner, Karen Yoder has developed a unique brand of tarot reading based on her own intuitive talents. Pendulums are used to select crystals and a tarot card layout based on a client’s astrological sign and personal challenges. Both the tarot decks she uses and her method of interpretation are unique, with the cards laid out inside a circle of crystals. Yoder gives readings and teaches classes in tarot reading and crystals at The Bag Lady.

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