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Best Flying Adventures In Charlotte

March 30, 2013 6:00 AM

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Do you want to soar through the skies, feel the wind in your hair? Would you like to watch the sunset with a bird’s-eye view, or plummet towards earth with nothing but a parachute strapped to your back? Charlotte offers multiple ways to adventure into the sky, and these are five of the top options.

Charlotte Skydiving
201 S. Tryon St.
Charlotte, NC 28202
(800) 615-9754

Charlotte Skydiving offers some of the most experienced skydiving instructors in North Carolina with the most state-of-the-art equipment. Your dive can be anywhere from 10,000 to 14,000 feet. They also offer classes so that you can become a certified skydiver, which can save you money on future jumps. The other great perk of Charlotte Skydiving is that they offer a way for you to relive the adventure all over again! Before your dive, you can bring a camera of your choosing with you, or use the company’s to capture every moment of the fall from beginning to end. The video is free of charge if you bring your camera. Being able to share the experience with the rest of your family and friends is something you will always be able to do, and they recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity.

Skydive Carolina!
1903 King Air Drive
Chester, SC 29706
(803) 581-JUMP

Although Skydive Carolina! is around an hour’s drive away from Charlotte, the company offers options for both first-time and experienced skydivers. After a 30-minute instruction session, first-time skydivers can try tandem jumping with an instructor, falling at 120 miles per hour for around 60 seconds. For a reputable and exciting (Of course!) skydiving experience, look no further than Skydive Carolina!

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Balloons Over Charlotte
19357 H.M. Junker Drive
Cornelius, NC 28031
(704) 896-5241

If you crave a more relaxed atmosphere to enjoy the skies, consider a hot air balloon ride — it could be the perfect place for a mid-air proposal or just a romantic time with your sweetheart. Imagine watching the sky turn red at sunset from within the sky! Balloons Over Charlotte offers you beautiful sights. The cost to fly is $185 per person for a one-hour flight, and it’s well worth it with all of the sights that are awaiting you! Customers can experience first-class service, as the company has been in business for over 20 years, and the chief pilot has been working with hot air balloons for over 25 years. If anyone that you know is interested in flying themselves, they have the opportunity to learn! Rules and regulations are provided under the “Pilot Requirement” tab and offer great opportunities for those seeking for adventure.

Sweet Dreams Balloons
1001 Defoor Court
Indian Trail, NC 28079

Another great hot air balloon company is Sweet Dreams Balloons, which offers Champagne flights, Tethered rides and Aerial advertising. Although they operate out of Indian Trail, they also frequently fly around Lake Norman and Statesville. You can have a romantic, private flight in the wee hours of the morning or as sunset just begins to settle. The cost is $225 per person and flight time is approximately one hour. For tethered rides, call for more information.

Charlotte Flying Lessons
(866) 805-2716

If you are interested in owning the skies yourself, consider taking private flying lessons. Charlotte Flying Lessons offers classes to get a sport or private pilot’s license. If you just want a small taste for flight, the school also offers Discovery Flight Lessons, which introduces students to the basics of aviation and allows you to decide if you want more.

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