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Best Childbirth And New Parent Classes In Charlotte

May 25, 2012 6:00 AM

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If you’re an expectant mom or just need a little help with a newborn, it’s time to find a class that addresses your concerns. Find the right birth plan for you, discuss doulas, learn what to expect and prepare for the big day with the best child birth and new parent classes in the city. Leave nothing to chance with the most comprehensive classes in Charlotte.

hip chick birth Best Childbirth And New Parent Classes In Charlotte

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Hip Chick Birth

Charlotte Metro Area
Sandra Guynes, RN, BSN, LCCE
(704) 817-8793

Price: $125 for six-week class

Hip Chick bases its classes on the Lamaze birth method, and Sandra Guynes makes sure her classes are enjoyable, dynamic and funny. Breathing and relaxation are just the most well-known Lamaze methods taught to manage labor. Other topics covered include normal labor, birth and early postpartum, positioning for labor and birth, labor support, communication skills, pain management techniques, comfort measures including massage and relaxation techniques, breathing strategies, risks and benefits of medical procedures, breastfeeding, and healthy lifestyles. Lamaze education is based on the most current medical evidence available. Guynes holds a bachelor of science in nursing, is a Lamaze Childbirth Educator and has been involved with childbirth and babies since the late 1990s.

learn to birth Best Childbirth And New Parent Classes In Charlotte

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Learn To Birth
Charlotte Metro Area
Susan Myers, AAHCC
(704) 782-0828

Price: $225 plus $25 deposit for a 12-week series

Susan Myers teaches the Bradley method for natural childbirth, also known as husband-coached childbirth. Class highlights include preparing students to birth without drugs, rather than teaching hospital routines, teaching tuning in to the body during labor, natural breathing patterns and relaxation to deal with labor discomfort, learning strategies to stay low-risk and healthy for childbirth, focusing on education and communication for making wise birth choices, birth planning, active participation by the husband as coach, stages of labor, breastfeeding, and unexpected situations. Myers also offers advice on selecting a birth team and a location that supports a more natural birth experience.

carolina birth Best Childbirth And New Parent Classes In Charlotte

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Carolina Community Maternity Center
Charlotte Metro Area/South Carolina
(803) 802-9494

Price: free

The Carolina Community Maternity Center provides two birthing rooms where a mom may move freely, use water for comfort and assume any position she chooses without hospital staff barking directions. It provides the midwives model of care and offers natural child birth classes as well. Highlights include stages of labor, getting started with breastfeeding, coping strategies, complications and interventions, and newborn care alternatives taught by licensed midwives and midwife apprentices. Stop in for a tour and consultation on Fridays, determine insurance benefits or payment arrangements and then pick a midwife if it suits the birth plan you develop by attending the center’s classes.

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doula for the pampered mommy Best Childbirth And New Parent Classes In Charlotte

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Doula For The Pampered Mommy
4606 Deer Cross Trail
Charlotte, NC 28269
(704) 488-3349

Price: $150 per couple

Simply put, a doula’s role is to mother the mother. She provides information, and physical and emotional support for the family before, during and after the birth of the baby. She is completely focused on the mother’s needs, but most mothers who choose to have a doula also take classes in natural childbirth to further that partnership. Natural, unmedicated childbirth classes at Doula for the Pampered Mommy include exposing common fears and myths about childbirth, including: labor and birth with key cues for each stage, timing contractions, birthing positions and relaxation and comfort techniques; birth variations and managing an unplanned, difficult birth with medical staff, emotionally and physically, and how to reduce chances of a Cesarean section; pain: how much there is, sources, positive pain, overcoming fear of labor; postpartum care; breastfeeding misconceptions and concerns, creating a plan of action, common discomforts and troubles; and developing a comprehensive birth plan.

newborn Best Childbirth And New Parent Classes In Charlotte

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Nurse And Nurture
Charlotte Area
(404) 835-7580

Price: $300 for a 2.5-hour consultation session

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with the long days and nights of being a new mom, Nurse And Nurture offers a local network of professionals to call upon. It provides in-home teaching and care for you and your little one. Its session includes a copy of the book, “Moms On Call Guide.” Invaluable infant care tips will build confidence and offer a wonderful start to parenthood. It also provides night nursing, feeding, changing and soothing newborn care.

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