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Ask A Stylist: Tips For Finding The Perfect Suit

September 24, 2013 8:00 AM

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(Photo by Joe Kohen/Getty Images for TEEN VOGUE)

(Photo by Joe Kohen/Getty Images for TEEN VOGUE)

Charlotte is a business city, and getting ahead in the game requires a professional appearance. Whether you are looking for a new job, seeking a promotion, taking on public speaking assignments or representing your company on television, your clothes convey an important message. Increasingly, business people, both men and women, are looking to personal image consultants to help them fine tune the impression they create. Here are some tips from Jen Goodwin, a professional image consultant in Charlotte, on finding the perfect power suit and presenting a professional appearance.
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A professional personal stylist and custom clothier based in Charlotte, Jen Goodwin provides wardrobe consulting to business owners, executives, professional athletes and politicians, as well as those seeking to create a more professional image to jump-start their careers. She offers her clients a personalized image analysis to determine the best possible and the most effortless wardrobe based on their lifestyle, body type and optimum color palette. To help clients save time, Jen provides a personal shopping service where she “pre-shops” for them and has suitable items ready and waiting in the store’s fitting room. Her closet simplicity service goes to clients’ homes to clean out closets, arranging clothes into useable outfits, getting rid of out-of-date and poorly fitting garments and suggesting needed alterations and additions. Goodwin also offers customized Dress for Success seminars and oversees the JAG Custom Tailored Clothing line of made-to-measure business clothing featuring cloth from the top mills around the world.

Tip 1: Wear clothing that fits.

The most important aspect of a good wardrobe is fit. Too tight is uncomfortable and unprofessional. Too baggy makes you look like you’re wearing hand-me-downs. If you are unsure of your actual size, consult with a professional fitter or personal shopper who will find your real measurements.

Tip 2: Get a good tailor.

Find clothing that fits your most prominent features and then tailor for a custom look. This can save you both time and the money typically spent trying to find the perfect garment off the rack. A good tailor can take in or let out shoulders and waists, and adjust the length of sleeves, jackets, trousers and skirts. Find a suit that complements your height, weight, shape and face, then let your tailor fine tune the details.

Tip 3: Start with the basics. 

The cornerstone colors of a professional suit wardrobe are navy solid, navy stripe, charcoal solid and charcoal stripe. Make sure you have these in your closet before branching out to more memorable garments. These neutrals can be brightened up with accessories. Many women will want a red suit in their wardrobe for stand-out occasions.

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Tip 4: Highlight your face.

Incorporate complementary colors near your face. Blue looks good on everyone. Try brightening up an otherwise drab suit with a royal blue shirt or accessories. A light-colored shirt or blouse also enhances your face, with white being the safe professional choice. For more casual moments, women may choose to wear a camisole under their suit jacket.

Tip 5: Keep accessories simple and professional.

Jen suggests that you leave the flashy jewelry and super casual duds locked up until the weekend. Well-put-together clothing can help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Don’t let poor choices overshadow your career potential and hard work.

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