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Ask A Charlotte Expert: Tips On Finding Deals Shopping Online

August 19, 2014 8:00 AM

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(Photo credit should read MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo credit should read MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)

These online shopping tips from a fabulous and dedicated fashionista take the internet shopping experience to new heights. Kimsioux Montgomery’s advice offers counsel for everyone, from those shopping online for tots to someone seeking high fashion with uncompromising taste.
Kimsioux Montgomery
International Fashion Stylist Association
6135 Park South Drive, Suite 510
Charlotte, NC 28210

Kimsioux Montgomery, whose email signature is “fashionably yours,” is a budding author, working on her first book, “Panty Power: 7 Insider Secrets of a Fashion Stylist.” She volunteers and uses fashion as a self-esteem vehicle to speak to elementary and high school students. When she’s not looking at, reading or thinking about fashion, she spends time with her husband Eric, six-year-old daughter and eight-year-old son.

Speaking about how she became a fashionista and whom she serves, Kimsioux states, “After working for many luxury retailers and traveling the world, I realized that clothing has its own language and tells a story. I’m a great storyteller as you can see in my work!”

Kim continues, “There used to be a time when only celebrities or famous people used a fashion stylist. Today, the need for my services has grown. As a result, my clients come from many backgrounds to include close friends, attorneys, entrepreneurs, fashion students, professors, bankers, realtors, interior designers and the list continues. They either want a spin or a different ‘eyeball’ on their current look or they want that one-time ‘special event’ look, or they want to enhance their brand through a complete makeover. In the famous words of one of my all time favorite fashion stylists, Lori Goldstein, ‘We all know what pretty is.’ I can bring you pretty, but ‘sickness’ is what I bring and this is what my clients want.”

Women’s Clothes

“Finding the best deal online is all relative. From my point of view, provides a great deal online. Although you pay full price for women’s clothing, you are able to pre-order the latest, most up-to-date couture women’s clothing straight from the runway in installments. It’s like a modern-day lay-a-way. You place your order with usually half down and then months later, once the item is ready, you pay the other half. You were able to order that Antonio Barardi dress with the shear panels down both sides that Gwyneth Paltrow adorned at the premier of ‘Iron Man’ for only a few hundred dollars up front.”


“For accessories, I really love the hi/low hunt. I prefer, and is a totally unconventional way to shop for accessories, for they are almost never new and most items are vintage, but some modern. If you are looking for glamour, unique and different, then this is the place to go for authentic rubies and sapphires to handcrafted earrings from Miriam Haskell or sophisticated costume pieces by the legendary Verdura. If you can wait long enough towards the end of the season, then provides the best bang for your bucks. I recently spotted a dress from designer Mary Katrantzou’s postage collection that sold for over $1,000 for well below 50-percent off! is surprisingly hassle-free and you can rent your favorite accessory, dress or gown for pennies on the doll . . . for real!”

Men’s Clothing

“If you want the finest menswear without paying full retail, then is by far for the discerning gentleman. Its deals make you ‘look like the job you want, not the one you have’ . . . Fortune 500 all the way!”

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Children’s Wear

For kids, and Target online are my ‘no-brainers’ for huge deals, but is a designer children’s site that has great deals at the end of the year. You can snatch that Stella McCartney lace dress for your princess for $40 bucks!”

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

“For classic, high-end designer looks, is my favorite. If you want to buy trendy (and scared to admit it), then take a chance on and They have cool stylish designs and if you really know what you are doing, no one will ever know that you aren’t wearing Giuseppe Zanotti!”

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Jacquelin Celeste Peters has produced award winning radio programs at WPFW Pacifica-Washington. She is a Culture and Events Examiner in Charlotte, North Carolina, which she calls home. Her work can be found at


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