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Tales Of The Tape: Richard Sherman Vs Cam Newton Madden 2015 Cover

It’s no guess that the Electronic Arts game Madden is a multimillion dollar franchise and the player who gets selected for the cover is seen by millions of fans on a daily basis. This year Seattle’s Richard Sherman and Carolina’s Cam Newton have made it to the finals of a fan voter bracket.


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With voting ending on June 6th the voting has increased significantly and the winner will be declared soon. We’ll take an inside look at each of the candidates and see who deserves our coveted Orange Ribbon.

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Richard Sherman
Cam Newton
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Jamie Squire/Getty Images
Social Media
Winner Twitter: 946K Followers Facebook: 1,189,365 Like
Twitter: 172 K Followers Facebook: 1,026,745
Football Stats
20 Interceptions. 227 Yards. 2 Touch Downs. 1 Pro Bowl.
Winner 42 Interceptions Thrown. 11,299 Yards. 64 Touch Downs. 2 Pro Bowls.
Video Game Skills
Sherman has attended multiple launch events for games but doesn't show whether or not he plays video games. He could be as gifted at video games as he is at playing corner or just another casual gamer.
Winner Newton just posted a video challenging Sherman and any other Madden player to a friendly game of Madden from his dojo "boog1eVILLE". Newton also posts finals scores of Madden games on his Facebook so that people know he can walk the walk. Will Sherman accept the challenge? We will have to sit and wait.
Winner There really isn't any question as to how explosive Sherman is when it comes to interviews. Whether it is his post-game interview that got him so much media attention of him interviewing fans, Sherman has it on lock down.
Newton is always smiling. I've never seen protrude a frown or be visibly upset about anything. That being said, he has left interviews before instead of staying and finishing it. Plus in his challenge to Sherman in a game of Madden, Newton impersonated Sherman's post-game interview before starting into the meat of the challenge.
Seahawks vs. Panthers 2013
Sherman didn't have any interceptions against the Panthers but their second half presence and ability to catch two turnovers helped them push past the Panthers.
Winner Newton had 128 yards passing and 38 rushing yards against the Seahawks with one touchdown.

The Winner Is

Jamie Squire/Getty Images
Winner Cam Newton
3 out of 5

Cam Newton wins this leg of the race but the voting still continues for the Madden NFL 15 cover! Go to ESPN and vote for Newton to get his place on Madden NFL 15!


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