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voter ID law

South Carolina's controversial voter ID law was upheld federally, but won't be in effect until 2013. (Photo by Logan Mock-Bunting/Getty Images)

SC Voter ID Law Upheld, But Won’t Be In Effect Before Nov. Elections

A panel of three federal judges in Washington has upheld South Carolina’s voter identification law, but says the state cannot put it in practice until 2013.


Deborah Rice-Marko votes in the South Carolina primary at an East Bay Street voting station on Jan. 21, 2012 in Charleston, S.C. (credit: Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Federal Panel Determining If SC Voter ID Law Violates Voting Rights Act

South Carolina is in federal court arguing that its new law requiring people prove their identity at the polls won’t make voting so tough that it reduces turnout of African-Americans, Hispanics and other minorities.