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University of South Carolina

Mac A: Your Wednesday Morning Sports Buffet

10/27/10 Hour 1 – The guys talk about the Heat’s first loss, the Panthers, watching the World Series, Derek Dooley’s rambling analogy, Canada’s shift to communism, Steve Spurrier making a change, the Lakers run for […]


Mac A: Spencer Tillman and Best Team in the Carolinas

10/21/10 Hour 2 – The fellas talk with callers about who the best football team in the Carolinas has been this season. Like wins, the Panthers received zero votes. Based on the calls, it’s a […]


Mac A: Spurrier's Clock Management Makes Les Jealous

10/18/10 Hour 4 – Which was a bigger factor in the Gamecock loss: Steve Spurrier’s lack of clock management or Macrcus Lattimore’s injury? Florida fans remain oddly quiet despite being called out, Auburn gets some […]


Mac A: Gamecocks, Buckeyes, and Cowboys, Oh My!

10/18/10 Hour 1 – Losers lament during hour 1 of the show. Just a week after the Cocks and Bucks were on top of the college football world, each come tumbling down. The Cowboys still […]


Mac A: Gamecocks Rule Happy Hour

10/12/10 Hour 3 – No fanbase is crowing louder for Mac Attack Happy Hour than the South Carolina fans, although some are still nervous about living up to the new expectations. Fans from all over, […]


Mac A: A Carolina Sweep(?) and David Pollack

10/8/10 Hour 1 – A caller suggests a potential Carolina sweep for the Tar Heels, Gamecocks, and Panthers, leaving Mac and Jim to ponder whether it’s possible. The guys also talk about what impact Todd […]


Mac A: Time To Trade Smitty(?) and Spurrier Mocks Les Miles

10/7/10 Hour 4 – With national writers suggesting that teams should contact the Panthers about acquiring Steve Smith, Mac and Jim both adamantly want the franchise’s best receive to remain in Carolina. From a short […]


Mac A: Happy Halladay and Peppers Returns

10/7/10 Hour 1 – Mac and Jim talk about Roy Halladay’s no-hit performance against the Reds, The Gamecocks hosting the Crimson Tide, and Julius Peppers returning to Charlotte.


Mac A: Is NC State the Best Team in the ACC?

9/28/10 Hour 2 – Mac doesn’t want Panther fans to boo Julius Peppers when he returns, but things get heated up when State fans start declaring their team the best in the ACC. After praising […]


Mac A: Jim's New Team

9/16/10 Hour 4 – Mac, Jim and Dan talk ACC football before Jim finally makes his “Decision” much to the dismay of his cohorts and E-mailers alike. Jim will not however, carry over the Super(blank) […]