Thomas Street Tavern

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Best Places To Get A Hot Toddy In Charlotte

January 11 is National Hot Toddy Day! Celebrate this warm, delicious cocktail at these five Charlotte hot spots.


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Best Brewpubs Serving Seasonal Beer In Charlotte

Nothing beats seasonal beer when the weather starts turning cold. It’s easy to get the usuals, but when it’s microbrew time, or when you’re looking for your favorite Oktoberfest on tap, that takes a little footwork. Brewpubs are the way to go, and these are the best options in town, offering every flavor you crave this season.

CBS Charlotte–10/17/2012

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Best Bars With Drinking Games In Charlotte

Charlotte has many different kinds of bars, but only a select few have traditional drinking games in them. These spice up the entertainment value and bring more people to these hot spots. What’s more fun than drinking, but drinking + games along with it? Time flies when you’re having fun!



Best Bar Food In Charlotte

When you find a cool place to hang out with good bar food too, you’ve found your second home. Here are four Charlotte pubs — Ri Ra Irish Pub, Thomas Street Tavern, Tavern on the Tracks, and Moosehead Grill — where the environment is matched by the menu.

CBS Charlotte–01/24/2011


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