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TTYM: Ron Burgundy Mocks Peyton Manning And An Old Man Kicks A Coed In The Kisser

   by @TaraLipinskyMore Columns here. In this week’s That Thing You Missed watch Ron Burgundy mock Peyton Manning, an NHL player take a face plant, a football fan get kicked in the face and yours truly, Tara […]



Sports Verdict: Which Fans Throw A Better Tailgate? College Football Vs. Pro Football

Tailgate Fan correspondents Nick Stevens and Jerry Miller roam the entire countryside searching for the wildest and most epic tailgates in all of football.



Best Local Transportation To Get To Bank Of America Stadium

Public transportation is the smart way to travel to a Carolina Panthers game, especially if you are local and dread driving in the congested city traffic. There are several great options to get to the game in the Queen City, and most of them are a much cheaper alternative then driving your own vehicle.

CBS Charlotte–12/30/2012


Famous Charlotte Tailgaters from the Past and Present

From the infamous Cat Man to the themed tailgating events at the PantherFanz’s Big Black Bus, the Carolina Panthers have the best fans in the NFL!



How to Celebrate Christmas Like a Panther Fan

How do Panther fans celebrate Christmas? With a tailgate, of course!



A How-To Guide To Build Your Homemade Panthers Fan Tailgating Outfit

This weekend, the cats will be wearing their fan-favorite black jerseys on the field as they play against the Atlanta Falcons. So what can fans wear to show their Panther pride?

CBS Charlotte–12/09/2012


Tailgate Timing for a Panthers Game

The Bank of America Stadium is a state-of-the-art facility and is the home to the Carolinas Panthers. Fans from all over the Carolinas pilgrimage to home games in the hopes that this might be the year. Give yourself enough time to enjoy the pre-game excitement before watching a big Panthers win.



Bad Weather Survival Guide To Tailgating In Charlotte

Panther fans enjoy a southern climate which rarely, if ever, falls below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. But out-of-towners might be in for an unpleasant surprise if it happens to snow on game day in the Queen City!



How to Stay Safe While Tailgating in Charlotte

It’s week 11 and the Carolina Panthers need a win! Celebrate in style with a safe tailgating atmosphere.



Can’t Make The Trip: Five Weekly Parties That Make You Feel Like You’re At A Panthers Game

What can Carolina Panther fans do when they want to watch a game but can’t afford the time or money to see the action in person? The answer is easy: neighborhood sports bars.