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Super Bowl XLV Champions Green Bay Packers Victory Ceremony

Mike Florio From NBC And Profootballtalk.COM

Mac Attack 11-25-11 Hour 1: We took a quick 15 minute break from the Duke/Carolina talk to bring in our guy Mike Florio from NBC and Profootballtalk.com.

Sports Radio 610AM WFNZ The Fan–02/09/2011

Super Bowl XLV

Close The Curtain

Mac Attack 02-07-11 Hour 2: We continued our recap of Super Bowl 45 with Colin and Mac angry at Steelers fans even after they lost.

Sports Radio 610AM WFNZ The Fan–02/07/2011

(Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)

I’m Sick Of Black & Yellow!!

Damn I’m sick of the Pittsburgh Steelers!! I’m sick of that dumb “Black & Yellow” song, “Everythings Black & Yellow-Black & Yellow”, shut the hell up!  I”m sick of Coach Tomlins beard, I’m sick of Troy Polamalu’s hair, […]

Sports Radio 610AM WFNZ The Fan–02/04/2011

Super Bowl XLV - Media Day

Big Ben’s Bender

You can tell the 2 week wait for the Super Bowl is winding down because the national media has opted to make a story out of something that is no big deal.  If you go […]

Sports Radio 610AM WFNZ The Fan–02/03/2011

Major Ice Storm Hits Dallas Area

Mike Florio From NBC And Profootballtalk.com

Mac Attack 11-25-11 Hour 1: Mike Florio from NBC and Profootballtalk. com joined us live from Dallas for a Super Bowl update.

Sports Radio 610AM WFNZ The Fan–02/02/2011

2011 NFC Championship: Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears

Mike Florio From NBC And Profootballtalk.com

Mac Attack 1-26-11 Hour 3 :Mike Florio from NBC and Profootballtalk.com joined us at 8am as he does each Wednesday year round.


Panthers vs. Steelers Pictures

Check out pictures from the Thursday night Panthers vs. Steelers game, where after this weekend, the Carolina Panthers solidified the #1 Draft pick for 2011.


Panthers vs. Steelers Preseason Game

The final preseason game versus the Pittsburgh Steelers ended in a Panther’s loss.  Check out the pictures from last week’s game.  Do you think we can beat the New York Giants away?