Salisbury Police

Mug shot of Tony McDaniel. (credit: Salisbury Police Department)

Man Who Peeped On Mother-In-Law Arrested After His Barbecue Smell Gives Him Away

Memorial Day weekend came a little early for Salisbury Police, as the smell of barbecue led police to a man who was allegedly peeping on his mother-in-law.


Ronald Broadway was arrested on his 45th birthday for attempting to steal almost $300 worth of food that was stuffed in his pants. (credit: Salisbury Police Department)

Police: Man Celebrated 45th Birthday With $283 Worth Of Food Stuffed In Pants

Shrimp, rib-eye steak, baby back ribs, and smoked turkey. One Salisbury man celebrated his 45th birthday by attempting to stuff almost $300 worth of food down his pants.


A Salisbury teen is facing potential child pornography charges after he allegedly posted nude pictures of an ex-girlfriend on a fake Facebook account he created. (credit: Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images)

Cops: North Carolina Teen Posted Ex’s Nude Photos On Fake Facebook Page

A local teen has been accused of posting nude pictures of his teenage ex-girlfriend on a fake Facebook account he had created.



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