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5 Ways To Spice Up Valentine’s Day This Year

Spice up your plans with these five ways to ignite the fire in your relationship this Valentine’s Day


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Flying Solo: 5 Tips For Singles On Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, focus on all the things you love about yourself, your interests and your favorite people.


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Who Moves On Faster After A Breakup, Men Or Women?

(CBS Radio) — Have you ever noticed that men seem to bounce back from a split faster than women? It’s true, when it comes to relationships and dating, men typically jump right back into the […]


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Does Height Really Matter? 5 Tips To Pique A Woman’s Interest

(CBS Radio) — How often do you hear a woman say, “I don’t like to date tall men?” Most women, given the choice, seek out and prefer to date men who are above average height […]


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Top 10 Signs You’re Dating Mr. Or Ms. Wrong

(CBS Charlotte) — So, you found yourself a dream guy/gal and your relationship is perfect! Wait … you just woke up and realized that vision was just a dream … sigh. Okay, so the reality […]


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The Truth About Dating Someone Who Has Kids

(CBS Charlotte) — You’ve met someone who is pretty amazing and decide to pursue a serious relationship with them. Great! Just one thing … they have kids — again, great … because you “love” kids, […]


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5 Reasons Being Solo During The Holidays Rocks

Alright, Singletons, it’s time to stop moping around feeling sorry for yourself for being single during the holidays. We have five reasons to celebrate your solo status!


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10 Ways You’re Driving Him Away

(CBS Charlotte) — It’s no secret that relationships require a certain amount of effort, understanding, and communication between the couple to ensure that the relationship remains healthy. But, have you ever wondered what else you […]


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The Truth About Relationships

(CBS Charlotte) — There’s a small window at the beginning of every relationship where everything is perfect, everything is seemingly magical and wonderful — there is an overwhelming amount of puppy love in the air, […]


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20 Things Men And Women Wish Their Significant Other Knew About Them

(CBS Charlotte) — If only men and women could understand the opposite sex, the world would be perfect — and so would their relationship, right? Maybe, but maybe not. We’ve all heard that “Men are […]