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Two NASCAR Necks Are Fighting…Gee, I Wonder If Somebody Broke A Nail

     Well whatta know, over the weekend it was another NASCAR neck race and another NASCAR neck altercation. The two Neck drivers were…ah hell it’s not important. All they do is scratch, scream and grab tightly […]

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QCB’s March Madness Knowledge Will Guide You To The Victory Lane Of Your Office Pool

Hi, my name is QCB and I’m a genius. I know March Madness like Digger Phelps knows how to dance off beat with a bunch of college cheerleaders. I breaks downs brackets, I massage brackets, when it comes to March Madness brackets…I do this!

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Carolina Panthers Free Agency…Sad Man, Sad

     Who in the hell would come and play for the Carolina Panthers?      What NFL free agent in their right mind, their sane mind, would have a conversation with there agent and say,”How bout the […]

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One Word For The New College Basketball Uniforms…Ewwwwww!

During March Madness Cincinnati, Kansas, Notre Dame, Baylor, UCLA and Louisville will wear new uniforms that are so ugly they make Flavor Flav look like Denzel Washington. Please, I beg you to go to google these uniforms […]

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QCB Unleashed: It’s CIAA Time!

On this episode of QCB Unleashed, Q talks about the excitement, mayhem, and party atmosphere that will be occurring during CIAA Weekend.


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The Drive Parody Of The “God Made A Farmer” SuperBowl Commercial

The Drive Tuesday 2-5-13 – After watching the Superbowl commercials the guys on the Drive decided to have a little fun with one of them. The Dodge truck commercial featuring Paul Harvey was a perfect fit. So QCB sat down and put his own twist on it. Enjoy.

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by Willy J.

QCB Unleashed: “D’Jango” Movie Review, BCS Title Game, & Clowney Hit!

On today’s episode of QCB Unleashed, Q goes over all of the big news items we might have missed over the Holiday Season, including South Carolina’s Clowney huge hit on Michigan’s Vincent Smith.


QCB Xmas

QCB’s Twelve Days Of QCB Christmas

The Drive Thursday 12-13-12 – QCB and the rest of the crew from The Drive give their annual 12 Days of Christmas rendition.  QCB wrote it. we performed it. you will enjoy it.

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1 whiners1

The Whiner Line 6:45 12-7-12

Round 2 of the Diamonds Direct Whiner Line.


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The Whine Line 5:45 12-7-12

Round 1 of the Diamonds Direct Whiner Line

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