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Carolina Panthers 2014 Regular NFL Season Schedule Released | See Here Read More


Q Head Shot

Talking Sh#t With The QCB Show #6 Son! Nice

Oh man, even though we had to shorten it to 30 minutes for this week due to East Carolina kicking off at 12:30, Talking Sh#t With The QCB still brought the Funny and Sports talk that put us on the map…Co-Host Neil Silas and Sports expert in all fields Bartholomew Wilcox…Shout out to O’Notes my High School Expert…check us out, Nice

CBS Sports Radio 1660–09/30/2013

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Talking Sh#t w/The QCB Show #5

Here you go! Talking Sh#t w/The QCB Show #5…Enjoy, get ya laugh on and most importantly Learn Something…QCB I’m out son, Nice.

CBS Sports Radio 1660–09/09/2013

Ribbon Cutting At The American Pavilion - The 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Talking Sh#t w/The QCB Show #4

Here’s another entertaining episode of Talking Sh@t w/The QCB! My Co-Host Neil Silas and I bring the heat in this episode like only we can. Bartholomew Wilcox also made another guest appearance…Check it out, Funny…QCB I’m out son, Nice

Sports Radio 610AM WFNZ The Fan–09/05/2013

Ribbon Cutting At The American Pavilion - The 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Talking Sh#t w/The QCB Show #3

We had another great, entertaining show this past week on Talking Sh#t w/the QCB! Check out the podcast to hear for yourself! QCB I’m out son…Nice

CBS Sports Radio 1660–08/27/2013


Show #2, Talking Bleep w/The QCB

Yo, if you missed my show this week Talking Bleep w/The QCB…check out the podcast as my Co-Host Neil Silas and I had another great show! Shoutout to our special guest Fantasy Football Guru Bartholomew Wilcox and a special shout out to my producer Jay Freaking Weezie son…Funny!

CBS Sports Radio 1660–08/20/2013

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Talking Sh*t w/ The QCB…

Yes sir! My show Talking Sh*t w/The QCB premiered this past Saturday from 11a – Noon on 1660am

CBS Sports Radio 1660–08/12/2013

Oakland Raiders v Carolina Panthers

2013 Drive Crew Panthers Season Record Predictions

By: Tony “Hitman” Here on the Drive today, we gave our 2013 Carolina Panthers season record predictions. Taylor and Marc differ on 5 games and all of us on the crew have them finishing .500 or better except for, you guessed it…The QCB. […]

Sports Radio 610AM WFNZ The Fan–08/08/2013


QCB Unleashed: Riley Cooper’s N-Word Controversy

Q clobbers Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper saying the N-Word at a Kenny Chesney concert surfacing on the internet. Watch the video and see what Q thinks about the whole incident.



QCB Unleashed: “Buzz City” Hornets Celebration At EPIC-Center

On this week’s episode of QCB Unleashed, QCB talks with Church Boy from Power 98′s Morning Maddhouse about the significance of the Charlotte Bobcats changing back to the Hornets.


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The Charlotte Bobcats Gave Something Called Al Jefferson $40 Million?, To Quote My 2yr. Old Nephew…”What The F***”

I’m truly in disarray that the Charlotte Bobcats gave something called, hold on let me look at my notes so I can remember his name…(shuffling paper) Al Jefferson $40 Million dollars!! Do you know how […]

Sports Radio 610AM WFNZ The Fan–07/08/2013