Carolina Panthers v Baltimore Ravens

Talking Bleep w/The QCB Show #49

Here it is, Bam!  Talking Bleep with the QCB…Steve Smith, Steve Smith…Panthers at Ravens!

Sports Radio 610AM WFNZ The Fan–09/29/2014

QCB Unleashed - NFL Week 1 Recap

Talking Bleep w/The QCB Show #46

Opening weekend for the 2014 NFL season! We broke it down…Panthers, Division Winners, Super bowl predictions, Fantasy Football, College football…Check it out Talking Bleep w/The QCB an entertaining, intellectual, sports talk show…Nice

Sports Radio 610AM WFNZ The Fan–09/09/2014


QCB Unleashed: Stop Whinin’ Redskins Fans!

On this episode of QCB Unleashed, Q talks about how the Washington Redskins keep complaining about Brandon Meriweather 2-game suspension when they REALLY should be complaining about RG III’s poor performance!

Sports Radio 610AM WFNZ The Fan–08/27/2014


QCB Unleashed: Get Little League Baseball Off Of My TV!

On this week’s hilarious episode of QCB Unleashed, Q is sick and tired of watching 24/7 Little League on his television!

Sports Radio 610AM WFNZ The Fan–08/22/2014


QCB Unleashed: Takeover At Carolina Panthers Training Camp

On this edition of QCB Unleashed, Q walks around Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC, talking about why he is changing his prediction on the upcoming Carolina Panthers season.

Sports Radio 610AM WFNZ The Fan–08/07/2014

(Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

The A-Team Is Back In Action On Primetime

Every once and awhile there comes a time to call in the big guns. To make the call to get the guys that do the dirty work. This, is one of those times. After first being called up to active duty a little over a year ago in Operation a$$ Drop 1. It seems we have a new villian that the A-Team must pursue. Listen up to see if the find their man this time.

Sports Radio 610AM WFNZ The Fan–08/06/2014

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

You’ve Seen Sharknado Now Get Ready For Primenado!

Primenado has swept through the halls CBS Radio and we are here to clean up the mess. Listen to the biggest summer hit to make it to the airwaves since Titanic!

Sports Radio 610AM WFNZ The Fan–07/31/2014


Talking Bleep w/The QCB Show #39

Check us out as we get into it on Talking Bleep w/The QCB…Double R, O’Notes, Charlotte Hornets P.A. Guy Big Pat, Bartholomew Wilcox and even NASCAR George called in…Funny!

Sports Radio 610AM WFNZ The Fan–07/14/2014

QCB 6-4-12

The Q-Spot With The QCB, The Love Surgeon

Ever needed some love advice? Maybe your significant other isn’t understanding what you want in the bedroom. Well you’re in luck! The Love Surgeon is here to take your calls and answer your question. Tweet us at @PrimetimeWFNZ or email the show at Primetime@wfnz.com and get your questions answer by the only and on Love Surgeon!

Sports Radio 610AM WFNZ The Fan–07/09/2014


Talking Bleep w/The QCB Show #37

If you missed this past weeks Talking Bleep w/the QCB or if you just want to laugh, get your sports tank filled up w/entertaining sports talk click and listen to my show…Talking Bleep w/The QCB!! We Nice son!

Sports Radio 610AM WFNZ The Fan–07/02/2014



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