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Philadelphia Eagles

Jacksonville Jaguars v Carolina Panthers

Weathering The Storm, Week 3 NFL Recap

After three weeks of NFL games, we still have a lot to figure out. Who is contending, and who is pretending?

Sports Radio 610AM WFNZ The Fan–09/27/2011

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The 5 Most Intriguing Questions Entering The NFL Season

The NFL preseason kicks off tonight with many intriguing questions remaining as we approach the start of the regular season on September 8th.

Sports Radio 610AM WFNZ The Fan–08/11/2011

Mac A: Peter King Interview

12/28/10 – Peter King, from Sports Illustrated and NBC joins the show to discuss the very special Tuesday Night game, Andrew Luck, playoff pictures, and other NFL storylines.


Mac A: K/Dean and Brady/Vick

12/21/10 Hour 3 – More carry over from the 7 o’clock hour with the K and Dean debate and Mac wants to know who people have as their MVP in the NFL this season. It […]


Mac A: The Vick Mea Culpa Continu… Not So Fast

11/16/10 Hour 3 – After Mac’s initial proclomation about admitting he was wrong, he starts arguing that Vick’s changed (sometime in the last 48 hours apparently) and had he played like this all along he […]


Mac's Vick Mea Culpa

11/16/10 Hour 2 – After dismissing Michael Vick as a glorified running back for years, the time has come for Mac to fall on the sword and admit the Vick Backers were right. Mac’s Haters […]


Mac A: Bobcats Get First Home Win

11/16/10 Hour 1 – Both Cats now have a home win after the Bobs fought from behind to knock off the Timberwolves, becoming the last NBA team to win a home game thise season. The […]


Mac A: The Viability of Michael Vick

9/28/10 Hour 4 – With Dan Morgan still in studio the guys discuss the return of Michael Vick, who Morgan advocated as a good option for the Panthers last season. As always, the discussion has […]


Mac A: Dan Morgan's Return and Wagering Suggestions

9/16/10 Hour 2 – The guys talk about the problems facing the Panthers and Michael Vick resurfaces before Al DeMarco from Pick Nation rejoins the show to discuss wagering opportunities heading into the weekend. Dan […]


Mac A: Panthers, Heels, and E-Mails

9/8/10 Hour 4 – Mac and Jim discuss the prospects for the Panthers season upcoming as well as look for anyone to defend the Heels and Butch with John Blake’s close relationship with an agent […]