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Oakland Raiders

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NFL Playoff Picture Still Blurry

Instead of talking about my domination in the Picks Competition or whether you’d rather have Cam Newton or Tim Tebow, let us focus on something of importance, like the (*cue Jim Mora*) playoffs.

Sports Radio 610AM WFNZ The Fan–11/21/2011

Green Bay Packers v Carolina Panthers

Playoffs? Playoffs!? An Early Look At The NFL Postseason

Four weeks up, and four weeks down. We are a quarter of the way through the season, so who is playoff-bound and who is on the outside looking in? This is the NFL progress report, where I am going to breakdown and predict the division winners and wild card teams.

Sports Radio 610AM WFNZ The Fan–10/08/2011

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys

Should Monday Night Football Games Be Flexed?

As I was making my picks, I couldn’t help but think how good some of the games coming up this weekend are. Then I came to the Monday Night game: Indianapolis Colts against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This game sounds terrible, which prompted me to ask, should the NFL flex Monday night games?

Sports Radio 610AM WFNZ The Fan–10/01/2011

Jacksonville Jaguars v Carolina Panthers

Weathering The Storm, Week 3 NFL Recap

After three weeks of NFL games, we still have a lot to figure out. Who is contending, and who is pretending?

Sports Radio 610AM WFNZ The Fan–09/27/2011

Miami v Duke

My Most Embarrassing Moments As A Lifelong “DIE HARD” Sports Fan

On the heels of a “PSYCHOTIC” 62-year old Alabama Football fan who poisoned the the historic Toomer’s Corner oak trees at Auburn University as a show of his mental illness

Sports Radio 610AM WFNZ The Fan–02/18/2011