North Carolina Dance Theatre


Best Places To Entertain Grandparents On A Budget In Charlotte

Most grandparents love to spend time with their grandkids and believe it’s the most fulfilling thing in life. While many grandparents live near the kids and see them weekly, others wish they could live even closer. Whether they live nearby, under the same roof or across the country, here are five places in Charlotte to help create bonding experiences between the generations.

CBS Charlotte–03/01/2013


A Guide To Charlotte Ballet Academy

The North Carolina Dance Theatre is the oldest professional ballet company in North Carolina.Today, a reputation of excellence, tremendous skill and talent are but just some of what the theatre is comprised of. Take a journey through dance with one of the most accomplished groups that exhibit tenacity, strength and endurance!

CBS Charlotte–09/23/2011


Best Dance Studios In Charlotte

No matter what your desired dance steps may be-whether it be ballroom, salsa, ballet , hip-hop or the samba-the city of Charlotte has a plethora of places for you to perfect that syncopated pounce! So let’s explore the hottest dance studios in the “QC”!

CBS Charlotte–05/24/2011


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