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New York Jets

Mac A: Mac and Colin Lament, T-Bone Rejoices

1/17/11 Hour 1 – A tough weekend for Mac (and his predictions) and Colin’s Heels, but things are all roses for T-Bone and his Jets. Breakdown of the playoff games including Joe “Floppo’s” and TJ […]


Mac A: Mile High Fox Puts Best Foot Forward

1/14/11 Hour 2 – The fellas and callers alike have opinions on John Fox landing on his feet in Denver. More discussion of Tar Heel hoop issues and heading into the playoff match-up, at least […]


Mac A: Answers Trickle in for Heels and Braylon's Excuse

9/23/10 Hour 1 – The Tar Heels have learned the fate of two of their suspended players and Mac asks if Tar Heel fans are just happy to have some answers. Braylon Edwards offers up […]


Mac A: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Mouth

9/15/10 Hour 1 – Mac and Jim start off discussing Matt Moore’s concussion and how it could impact the Panthers. Kris Jenkins knee, Chris Rainey’s texting fingers (which are connected to his shoulders), Clinton Portis’s […]


Mac A: Jimmy's Crush on Ines Sainz Growing

9/14/10 Hour 4 – When Mac attempts to discuss the Jets harassment situation, Jim sees a picture and becomes completely distracted. Plenty of trash talk between fans of different teams, E-Mails, T-Bone and Jim’s confused […]


Mac A: Lamenting the State of the ACC

9/14/10 Hour 1 – Mac and Jim start out the day discussing the sad state of affairs in the ACC and if things can be turned around. Mac and Boney also mix it up following […]


Mac A: Mac Changes his Super Bowl Pick

9/9/10 Hour 4 – After talking up the Jets all pre-season Mac changes horses at the last minute. His change brings criticism from all directions and Mac may have offended some Panthers fans. T-Bone and […]