Murray State Racers

2013 NCAA Bracket

My Entire 2013 NCAA Bracket

Just like last year I am releasing my entire bracket and picks before the tournament starts for everyone to see how well (or bad) I do.

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Indianapolis Colts Release Peyton Manning - News Conference

Chris’ Mail-Blog Sunday

All ten of the people who read my blog have been sending me emails the past few weeks so I decided to answer a few. I love getting the emails and you can ask me anything you want from sports to television to dating advice, whatever you got I’ll do my best to answer it. So without further adieu here is my mail-blog.

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Weekly ACC Basketball Report: Down Goes Duke

Let’s take a break from discussing the Super Bowl and run through this exciting edition of the WFNZ Weekly ACC Basketball Report. This week’s report is full of upsets, rivalry games, a Twitter contest, and all the information you could possibly need about the Atlantic Coast Conference.

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US President Bill Clinton (R) holds a Michigan Sta

CBS College Basketball Analyst Mateen Cleaves On The Mac Attack

Mac Attack 1/20/12:CBS College Basketball analyst Mateen Cleaves calls in to talk Duke and UNC Hoops, his time at Michigan State, and his pick for the National Championship.

Sports Radio 610AM WFNZ The Fan–01/20/2012


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