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Feds Now Back Morning-After Pills For All Girls

NEW YORK (AP) — After setting off a storm of criticism from abortion rights groups upset that a Democratic president had sided with social conservatives, the Obama administration said it will comply with a judge’s […]

CBS Charlotte–06/11/2013

(Photo Illustration by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Plan B Now Available Over-The-Counter

WASHINGTON (AP/CBS Charlotte) — The Plan B morning-after pill is moving over-the-counter, a decision announced by the Food and Drug Administration just days before a court-imposed deadline. On Tuesday, the FDA decided that girls who […]

CBS Charlotte–05/01/2013

(Photo Illustration by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

The Morning-After Pill May Soon Be Available To Women Of All Ages, Without An RX

(CBS Charlotte) — Next month, there may be a new addition to store shelves — the morning-after pill. Currently, only women 17 years of age and older can purchase emergency contraceptives without a prescription at the pharmacy […]

CBS Charlotte–04/07/2013

U.S. Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) (Photo credit:

Opinion: Despite Denials Akin’s Comments Are Part GOP War On Women

Congressman Akin’s comments are unconscionable and while Congressman Akin owns the words that came from his mouth, the sentiment and his policy goals are shared by both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, despite their statements today.



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