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John Kilgo

Primetime: More of Dark Blue Vs Light Blue

12-29-10 Hour 3- With Tar Heel aficionado John Kilgo in studio the calls come fast and furious about who’s the top dog in the state.


Primetime: Good Vs Evil

12-29-10  Hour 1- After a caller says that Coach K is the best coach in ACC history John Kilgo takes it personally and fires back with his rebuttal.


Primetime: Give your Grade

12-27-10 Hour 2- John Kilgo asks you the caller to give a grade of John Fox’s tenure here in Carolina.


Primetime: With The 1st Pick…

12-27-10 Hour 1- With The Killer and Frank Garcia sitting in this first hour we get into the Panthers draft as the are officially on the clock for the number 1 pick.


Primetime: Merry Christmas

12-23-10 Hour 4- Our final hour before the holiday comes with more talk of the Bobcats situation plus the Whiner Line.


Primetime: Its Going To Be Chilly

12-23-10 Hour 3- With the Panthers playing tonight you could barely tell with all the talk of the upcoming draft.


Primetime: Bobcats Did What???

12-23-10 Hour 1- With John Kilgo, Muhsin Muhammad and C. Jemal Horton in studio Killer gets into the firing of Larry Brown from the Bobcats.


Primetime: 12 Days of Christmas

12-14-10 Hour 4- QCB gives his own rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas plus we take your calls from around the area.


Primetime: Where to Next?

12-14-10 Hour 1- With John Kilgo and Stan Olsen in studio today the talk starts with the Panthers and where everything started to go wrong, Plus Cedric “Cornbread” Maxwell stops by the studio to talk […]


Primetime: UNC Fans Are Ready For The Pack

11-16-10 Hour 4- UNC fans call in to talk with Kilgo about this weeks game against NC State and how the basketball team is looking this early in the season.