Historic Rosedale Plantation


Best Places To Entertain Grandparents On A Budget In Charlotte

Most grandparents love to spend time with their grandkids and believe it’s the most fulfilling thing in life. While many grandparents live near the kids and see them weekly, others wish they could live even closer. Whether they live nearby, under the same roof or across the country, here are five places in Charlotte to help create bonding experiences between the generations.

CBS Charlotte–03/01/2013


A Guide To The Historic Rosedale Plantation

The neighbors called it “Frew’s Folly,” though no one really knows why. But with one visit to the Historic Rosedale Plantation, you will leave feeling as if you left family. Although it is unknown when the house became known as Rosedale, it stands a significant piece of history that is right here in Charlotte, NC. Come to know the Historic Rosedale Plantation and see why it is not only steeped in history, but steeped in the fabric of all of our pasts!

CBS Charlotte–08/17/2011


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