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The Truth About Produce, Pesticides, And The Dirty Dozen

(CBS Charlotte) — While it is important to eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, have you ever wondered about the dangerous pesticides that may be lurking on the “healthy” foods you eat? Pesticides […]

CBS Charlotte–07/17/2013

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The Difference Between Consuming Natural Sugar Vs. White Sugar

(CBS Charlotte) — Have you ever heard that the natural sugars found in fruit are healthy for you, while other sugars, such as those found in your sweetened tea or your latest batch of cookies, […]

CBS Charlotte–07/02/2013

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Eating Heavier Meals Less Frequently May Contribute To Faster Weight Loss

(CBS Charlotte) — Over the last few years, many diet-conscious people have believed that eating several small meals throughout the day contributes to weight loss. However, new research suggests that eating two meals a day […]

CBS Charlotte–06/28/2013

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The Health Dangers Associated With Food Additives

(CBS Charlotte) — When you purchase packaged and/or processed foods at the grocery store, are you mindful about the added ingredients that food companies include in your food? Food additives are extra ingredients that extend […]

CBS Charlotte–06/27/2013

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Sunscreen: To Use Or Not To Use?

(CBS Charlotte) — While Americans have been using sunscreen for around one hundred years, new research shows that certain brands of sunscreen might be doing more harm than good. In the United States, nearly one […]

CBS Charlotte–06/20/2013

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Has The Cure For Many Common Diseases Been Overlooked?

(CBS Charlotte) — When you visit the doctor with an ailment, you are often prescribed medication to treat your symptoms — regardless of other non-medicated remedies that may help alleviate your symptoms. Your doctor is […]


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To Ease Shortage Of Organs, Grow Them In A Lab?

NEW YORK (AP) — By the time 10-year-old Sarah Murnaghan finally got a lung transplant last week, she’d been waiting for months, and her parents had sued to give her a better shot at surgery. […]

CBS Charlotte–06/17/2013

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Possible Causes Of Unexplained Fatigue

(CBS Charlotte) — Many Americans awake each morning hoping to feel well-rested, but instead feel exhausted. While not getting an adequate night’s rest is becoming the norm for people across the country, other people experience […]

CBS Charlotte–06/11/2013

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Feds Now Back Morning-After Pills For All Girls

NEW YORK (AP) — After setting off a storm of criticism from abortion rights groups upset that a Democratic president had sided with social conservatives, the Obama administration said it will comply with a judge’s […]

CBS Charlotte–06/11/2013

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Health Dangers Associated With Wearing High Heels

(CBS Charlotte) — Most women don’t shop for high heels with comfort in mind, but rather they shop for cute heels that compliment their fashion sense. However, most women do not realize that the heels […]

CBS Charlotte–06/10/2013