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Global Warming

File photo of flowers growing in clean air. (Photo by CARL COURT/AFP/Getty Images)

Report: Charleston Port Reducing Air Emissions

A new report finds that efforts by the Port of Charleston to improve air quality are paying off.


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Composting 101: How To Avoid Gnats & Rats

Despite its green reputation, is composting more costly than it’s worth?


File photo of waves breaking on the shore. (Photo by PASCAL POCHARD-CASABIANCA/AFP/Getty Images)

NC Senate Passes Bill To Regulate Rising Seas

North Carolina senators have decided to postpone consideration of a state-sponsored science panel’s warning of rising sea levels until July 2016, calling instead for more studies.


File photo of waves breaking on a beach. (Photo by HECTOR GUERRERO/AFP/GettyImages)

Coastal County Officials Fight To Outlaw Predictions Of Rising Sea Levels

When a panel of scientists appointed by the state of North Carolina warned the government of rising sea levels – a side effect of global warming – critics rallied against their claims and urged local lawmakers to ignore the reports, for fear of its negative effects on local commerce. And governments up and down the coast may take heed – to the protesters.


world without ice

Why Ice Matters – Interview With Noted Geophysicist Henry Pollack

Nobel Prize winner and noted professor of geophysics Henry Pollack weighs in on ice and the environment.