Distracted Driving

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Distraction Free Friday: What’s Distracted Driving To You?

Did you know that you’re 23 times more likely to crash your car when texting and driving? Those are pretty high odds for any driver. Now think about a novice driver, who has logged few hours behind the wheel, staring that statistic in the face.


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University of Alabama at Birmingham Study Says Pets, Driving, & Elderly Are A Dangerous Combination

Are elderly drivers unduly called out for their behind-the-wheel antics? Some may think so, but a recently published university study reveals that there is some truth and much concern about the way some elderly drivers comport themselves while driving.


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What’s More Distracting Than Texting While Driving? Our Thoughts…

(CBS Charlotte) — We all know that either talking on the phone or texting while driving can cause fatal traffic accidents — but what about when we become distracted by our own thoughts? Is it […]

CBS Charlotte–04/09/2013


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