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Problems With NC Medical Examiners’ Findings Raise Questions About Thousands Of Deaths

Across North Carolina, medical examiners fail to follow crucial investigative steps, raising questions about the accuracy of thousands of death rulings.


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NC Flu Deaths Reach 33 For This Season

State health officials say five more people died last week from flu-related illnesses in North Carolina, bringing the total this season to 33 statewide.


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South Carolina Up To 9 Flu Deaths This Season

South Carolina reported three additional flu deaths the week of Christmas as the number of cases continues to rise.


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13 People Dead From Flu In NC This Season

State officials say 13 people in North Carolina have died from the flu, with five deaths occurring last week.


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S.C. Police Search For Man To Question In 2 Deaths

Two people are dead and a third is missing in what authorities say appears to be a crime spree through rural South Carolina.


File photo of a police car with its lights on. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

S.C. Sheriff Investigating Multiple Deaths At Home

Pickens County sheriff’s deputies are investigating the deaths of at least two people at a home in the Dacusville community.


Isn't this monkey adorable? Would you like to own an exotic pet? Before an exotic pet can reside with you, most states require that you apply for a license (which will arrive in the mail) and pay a fee. (Photo by VOLKER HARTMANN/AFP/Getty Images)

10 Non-Deadly Things Harder To Obtain Than A Gun

(CBS Charlotte) — In most states in the U.S., buying a gun is like buying a pack of cigarettes — it’s incredibly easy as long as the purchaser has a Driver’s License. In fact, in […]

CBS Charlotte–02/06/2013


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