O.T.B. With Brett: Can Clemson Win

In Hour Two of On The Beat With Brett Jensen, the guys discuss whether or not Clemson has a chance to win at Chapel Hill. Also Larry Williams of calls in to break down […]


O.T.B. With Brett: Doom & Gloom In ACC

In Hour Two, Brett and Stan discuss the issues surrounding the basketball teams at North Carolina, N.C. State and Duke. There are a lot of unhappy fans for each team out there.


O.T.B. With Brett: NFL Playoffs; ACC

In Hour One of On the Beat with Brett Jensen, Stan Olson and Brett discuss the NFL playoffs and what’s wrong with the New England Patriots, and also how Green Bay looks like the team […]


O.T.B. With Brett: Fox Goes To Denver

In the second hour of O.T.B., C. Jemal Horton and Brett discuss John Fox’s hire at Denver, as well as some Panthers news and notes. Also joining the guys is Denver Broncos beat writer for […]


O.T.B. With Brett: UNC Gets Good Win, VT Bad Loss

The first hour of On the Beat with Brett Jensen deals with UNC’s win over Virginia Tech Thursday night. Some say it was a good win, others say it was a bad loss by the […]


O.T.B. With Brett: Is Duke Still King?

In the first hour of On the Beat with Brett Jensen, he and C. Jamel Horton discuss what’s the problem with Duke after having two sub performances in a row. Is there another team that […]


O.T.B. With Brett: Be A Man, LeBron!

In the second hour, Brett and C. Jemal discuss the steady play of the Bobcats and rip into LeBron James for not standing behind his tweet from Tuesday night. Also, Brett Farve’s sister is a […]


O.T.B. With Brett: What In The World, N.C. State?

In Hour Two of On the Beat with Brett Jensen, Stan and Brett discuss N.C. State’s disappointing loss at Boston College, as well as other news and notes concerning ACC hoops. They also talk LeBron […]


O.T.B. With Brett: Rivera Is The Man

The Carolina Panthers made Ron Rivera the team’s fourth head coach in its history and in Hour One of On the Beat with Brett Jensen, what Rivera said at his press conference is discussed in […]


What Ron Rivera Has To Say

Here is what new Panthers coach Ron Rivera had to say on topics ranging from Jimmy Clausen to the style of defense the team will play.




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