Brett Farve

AFC Championship - Baltimore Ravens v New England Patriots

Who’s The Greatest?

It’s hard to turn on the TV nowadays and not hear Tom Brady, Eli Manning or Peyton Manning being compared to each other. Is Brady the greatest of all time? Has Eli moved into the elite quarterback status? Is this the end for Peyton, or does he have a few more years in the tank?

Sports Radio 610AM WFNZ The Fan–01/26/2012

Miami Dolphins v Carolina Panthers

Return Of The Jake

When news broke that Jake Delhomme had signed with the Houston Texans, a range of emotions took me over. I was shocked, disappointed, vengeful, and even excited to an extent. I thought of all the possibilities that could come from this and examined it a little bit closer.

Sports Radio 610AM WFNZ The Fan–11/29/2011


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