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Study: Women Entering Pregnancy In Poor Health Less Likely To Breastfeed

More women in the United States are choosing to breastfeed their kids. But new research from the University of Minnesota is shedding some light on the overall health of pregnant women.


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Mom Claims Discovery Place Employee Told Her To Breastfeed In Bathroom

After attempting to breastfeed her infant at a Discovery Place, a mother was referred to a bathroom by an employee.


Sharon Spink tells British television she will continue breastfeeding until her daughter no longer asks for "mummy milk." (Uriel 
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Woman Says She Won’t Stop Breastfeeding Her 5-Year-Old Daughter

Sharon Spink tells British television show she’s doing what is right for her child.


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The New “Maternity Leave”

(CBS Charlotte) — I once read that Sarah Palin returned to work four days after giving birth — and now, it seems that shortened maternity leaves are becoming increasingly popular. The traditional maternity leave seems […]


File photo of a recent protest in North Carolina. (credit: Getty Images)

Topless Ban On Women In NC Pulled On Eve Of Vote

A bill that could send women to prison for publicly going topless has been sent back to a committee in the North Carolina legislature.


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Kourtney & Kim Talk Breastfeeding: Would You Let Another Mom Breastfeed Your Baby?

(CBS Charlotte) — Earlier this week, Kourtney Kardashian mentioned wet nursing to her sister Kim Kardashian. Kim’s response: “That’s disgusting.” Wet nursing is when a woman breastfeeds another woman’s child. Kim’s response is fairly typical […]

CBS Charlotte–01/18/2013


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