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2013 NCAA Bracket

My Entire 2013 NCAA Bracket

Just like last year I am releasing my entire bracket and picks before the tournament starts for everyone to see how well (or bad) I do.

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Who’s In, Who’s Out (FINAL)

THU 3/14: Boise State’s loss to San Diego State puts them in serious danger of missing the field. As of this moment I have them as my last team in the tournament, but there are plenty of teams that could pass them in the next 48 to 72 hours.

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Bowl Game Predictions

On a personal note: while visiting my son at Levine’s children’s Hospital I saw Carolina Panther players JJ Jansen, Dan Connor, & Thomas Keiser with members of our military. They were on location for a charity event and visiting kids in the hospital.

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BCS National Championship - Alabama v Texas

Let The BCS “MESS” Begin

Here we go again! Let the “BCS” aka Bowl Championship Series begin to taint the Best Sport in America: College Football. Yes; it’s about that time when Saturday heroes have their futures decided by computers […]

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A head football coach was relieved of his duties after allegations were made that the players’ post-game tradition of smashing and eating watermelons was deemed “inappropriate” and “racist” by a Charleston County School District official.(Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Football Is King

Right now the only thing anyone is talking about it football. The NFL and NCAA have no equals in the world of sports right now.

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Fresno State v Boise State

The Couch Potato Guide To Week 1 College Football

If you aren’t going out of town, or maybe you partied too hard Friday night and can’t get off the couch, or maybe you are just a die-hard NCAA football fan, here is a guide to maximize your television watching so you can catch all the best games.

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Mac A: NC State's Missed Opportunity

11/29/10 Hour 2 – Mac and Jim discuss NC State’s performance against Maryland with a trip to the ACC Championship game on the line. More Panthers talk and other college and NFL games, including Auburn’s […]


Mac A: Is Boise Worthy?

11/3/10 Hour 2 – Very spirited debate about Boise State’s inclusion or exclusion from the National Championship game. Mac is surprised at the supports he isn’t getting and Colin attempts to compare the Blue Turfers […]


Mac A: Mac's Not Done with Boise and Early Lines

9/7/10 Hour 4 – Mac’s still looking for support for his anti-Boise State campaign, the guys notice that the LSU fans remain quiet, early lines for next weekend’s games and E-Mails.


Mac A: ESPN's Chris Spielman and Another Missed Opportunity for the Panthers

9/7/10 Hour 2 – Mac and Jim discuss the Panthers failing again to sign a veteran wide receiver who could help the team. Mac suggests a way for Boise to become legitimate contenders and ESPN’s […]




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