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Top Ten Worst Celebrity Baseball First Pitches [VIDEO]

We have all had our embarrassing moments, not usually in front of a huge crowd though. Sometimes its nice to just sit back and enjoy the embarrassment of others, here are the Top Ten Worst First Pitches!


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Viral YouTube Video: More “NFL Bad Lip Reading”

They’re at it again! Check out another installment of NFL’s ‘Bad Lip Reading’ where they dub voice-overs to your favorite NFL players from the 2013 season. From 49ers coach Harbough spinning around dancing to Peyton […]


QCB Unleashed!: Pep Talkin' The Cowboys

Cleophus Jackson, the newest motivational speaker for the Dallas Cowboys, talks to the team after the disappointing Week 1 loss to the Redskins.  Cleophus, however, didn’t realize that all of his inspirational talking would make […]


Giants Bludgeon Moore, Panthers

After looking good for a half, the Carolina Panthers were whipped so bad that quarterback Matt Moore was given an concussion.



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