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Most experts predict driverless cars and robot caregivers will be ubiquitous by 2025 but they disagree on wether it will hurt or help humanity. (Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Report: Robots Will Take Over More Jobs Than They Create

Experts divided as to whether robots will help or hurt humanity’s future.


Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Artificial Intelligence. What Jobs Will It Take Over?

This past weekend a computer convinced a third of people that it talked to that it was a 13 year old boy from Ukraine. This means that for the first time a computer has passed the Turning Test and we as humans are one step closer in creating artificial intelligence. This either means that we are one step closer to the Terminator universe or that artificial intelligence is going to help with our daily lives. Below is a list of jobs that we hope robots can perform proficiently and effectively.



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