Jim Celania

Upon graduating from college, Jim became the youngest TV sports director/anchor in the country in a top 100 market. Jim has had the opportunity to cover Olympiads, Superbowls, back to back Triple Crown Winners, Kentucky Derby and NASCAR.

Jim began working with Sports Radio WFNZ as a guest co-host and then took his addiction to sports to The Morning Sports Page, where he was on the air with Gary Williams for eight years.

Jim began his broadcasting career during college at Indiana State; he began working as a Sports Director/Anchor with CBS affiliate WEHT-TV in Evansville. Jim held this same position at WLKY in Louisville, Kentucky, KGO in San Francisco, CA and KUSA in Denver, CO.

1987 brought Jim to Charlotte as he accepted the position of Sports Director with NBC affiliate WCNC-TV; a position he held until 1995. These years in broadcasting have provided Jim with many opportunities, including doing play-by-play and color commentary for college football and basketball.


Old Man Cam: Jim’s Ranting & 7 Pin Miss At WFNZ’s “Split Happens”

On this week’s episode of Old Man Cam, witness Jim Celania getting so furious at missing the 7 Pin that he took his frustrations out while on the bowling alley lane!


by Jim Celania

Old Man Cam: Practicing In Studio For The WFNZ “Split Happens” Bowling Classic

On this week’s episode of Old Man Cam, the guys from “Mac Attack” and “Bustin’ Loose” are becoming more and more competitive as the WFNZ “Split Happens” Bowling Classic is coming up next weekend.


Old Man Cam: Celania Celebrating Snow…In November?!

On this week’s episode of Old Man Cam, Jim looks outside to see what appears to be snow…in Charlotte…in early November?!?


by Jim Celania/

“Old Man Cam” Classic: Bernard King Interview

In honor of tonight’s ESPN 30 For 30 series called “Bernie and Ernie,” Jim Celania brought back one of his old stories dating back to 30 years ago about the legendary Bernard King.


by Jim Celania

Old Man Cam: The Elusive Blue Footed Boobie [VIDEO]

On this thrilling episode of Old Man Cam, Jim Celania takes you to his home where he showcases his massive TV where he does “research” for each and every game and is prepared for “The Mac Attack” with extensive notes and analysis.


by Jim Celania

“Old Man Cam” Classic: Jimmy & His Facebook Friends

On this exciting episode of Old Man Cam, we go to the vault and dust off his collection of amateur home videos to see Jim Celania’s first pilot episode of “Jimmy Unplugged!”


by Jim Celania

Old Man Cam: Remembering Charlotte Police Officers John Burnette & Anthony Nobles

On this week’s episode of Old Man Cam, Jim takes a break from the world of sports to talk about his memories of Charlotte Mecklenburg police officers Anthony Nobles and John Burnette that were shot and killed after a foot chase with a suspect 20 years ago in 1993.


by Jim Celania

Old Man Cam: Panthers Beat Giants

On this episode of Old Man Cam, Jim Celania shows us behind the scenes of “The Mac Attack” to talk with Chris McClain about how big a win this was for the Carolina Panthers franchise.


by Jim Celania

Old Man Cam: Using The “DUMP” Button!

On this week’s episode of OLD MAN CAM, Jim Celania talks with the guys on “The Mac Attack” about why radio stations have to use the infamous “Dump Button” when someone cusses live on the air.


by Jim Celania

Old Man Cam: Is It Okay To Wear JORTS?

On this week’s episode of ‘Old Man Cam,’ Jim Celania ventures back home after being ridiculed by his “Mac Attack” fashion icons Mac, T-Bone, and Colin for wearing ‘Jorts,’ or jean shorts, to work today.





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