Jim Celania

Upon graduating from college, Jim became the youngest TV sports director/anchor in the country in a top 100 market. Jim has had the opportunity to cover Olympiads, Superbowls, back to back Triple Crown Winners, Kentucky Derby and NASCAR.

Jim began working with Sports Radio WFNZ as a guest co-host and then took his addiction to sports to The Morning Sports Page, where he was on the air with Gary Williams for eight years.

Jim began his broadcasting career during college at Indiana State; he began working as a Sports Director/Anchor with CBS affiliate WEHT-TV in Evansville. Jim held this same position at WLKY in Louisville, Kentucky, KGO in San Francisco, CA and KUSA in Denver, CO.

1987 brought Jim to Charlotte as he accepted the position of Sports Director with NBC affiliate WCNC-TV; a position he held until 1995. These years in broadcasting have provided Jim with many opportunities, including doing play-by-play and color commentary for college football and basketball.

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Old Man Cam: The Towering Yasutaka Okayama versus Mamadou Ndiaye!

On this week’s episode of Old Man Cam, Jim goes into his vault to show his news story about Yasutaka Okayama who was the tallest player to be drafted in NBA history! This 7’7″ player should be able to dominate any team by himself, but find out why he wasn’t worth much on the court.


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“Old Man Cam” Vault: Jimmy & Olympics Legend Eric Heiden

On this week’s episode of “Old Man Cam,” we dig into the Jim Celania vault to see his story on Eric Heiden during the Winter Olympics at Lake Placid.


“Old Man Cam” Vault: Jimmy & The Clumsy

On this week’s episode of “Old Man Cam,” we go into the vault to discover Jim Celania’s video piece about the injuries that happen during the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid.


Weatherman 1980

“Old Man Cam” Vault: Jimmy The Placid Weatherman

On this week’s episode of “Old Man Cam,” Jim Celania takes you to Lake Placid circa 1980 for the Winter Olympics as he gives you the weather report for his local TV station at the time.


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“Old Man Cam” Vault: Jimmy With The Lake Placid “Bird Of Peace”

On this week’s episode of “Old Man Cam,” Jim Celania takes you back in time to the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid as he covers a huge ice sculpture that has blocks of 450 pound ice that will be formed into “The Bird Of Peace.”


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“Old Man Cam” Vault: Winter Olympics Living Conditions

On this week’s episode of “Old Man Cam,” Jim Celania talks about the living situation happening during the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid.


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“Old Man Cam” Vault: Lake Placid Winter Olympics In 1980

On this week’s episode of “Old Man Cam,” Jim Celania goes to the vault back over 30 years ago as he covers the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid.


Jim Bills

Old Man Cam: How Footballs Are Made

Twenty years ago, while covering Super Bowl XXVIII, our very own “short, slow, white wide receiver” delved into the number of footballs brought to the big game and how Wilson constructs the pigskins used in the NFL.

Sports Radio 610AM WFNZ The Fan–01/30/2014

by Jim Celania

Old Man Cam Vault: Media Day Coverage At Super Bowl XXVIII

Over 20 years ago, Jim Celania had the opportunity to descend upon the Georgia Dome in the ATL to cover Super Bowl XXVIII when the Buffalo Bills and Dallas Cowboys faced off.


by Jim Celania

Old Man Cam: Too Much “Old Man” Playing

On this week’s episode of “Old Man Cam,” Jim Celania is getting closer to 65 than 64 and the Medicare vultures won’t leave him alone!




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