Nakato Japanese Steakhouse

8601 University Exec Park Dr Charlotte, NC 28262 (704) 549-9966
Hours Mon-Fri 5pm-10pm
Sat 4:30pm-10:30pm
Sun 4pm-9pm
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nakato restaurant university executive park dr

Pre dinner drink was horrible! When we asked the manager for a replacement he said no! We walked out before dinner arrived. Didn't want to chance it.
February 24, 2011

Never Again!

On a mini vacation in state my wife and I decided to go eat at the Nakato Japanese Steakhouse located near the University of North Carolina Charlotte campus. Upon arrival there were quite a few people waiting to be seated, but it was to be expected on a Saturday night. We sat on one of their comfy couches and purchased a couple of drinks from the bar while we waited. and waited. and waited. The hostess told us it would be about an hour and that was fine as we got there around 6:00 so we knew we would be waiting. \r \r Then we noticed people who came in right in front of us getting sat so we knew we were close(7:00). Then people who came in were immediately sat. We were told, ""they had reservations."" Then more people who came in after us were sat. 7:15. Starting to get frustrated at this point I approached the hostess again, who now appeared frustrated that I was bothering her. She responded just a few more minutes.\r \r (I must add this - when we entered the restaraunt there were 5 tables not being used. I understand that hibachi tables are more difficult to seat and turnover than regular restaraunt tables, but they were not being used at 6:00 on a friday.)\r \r At 7:30 I told my wife we were leaving. She took our now sleepy and extremely hungry 3 year old to the car while I aproached the hostess stand where what I can only assume was the owner ( an older Asian man barking orders at the hostesses and wait staff). I politely laid my buzzer on the counter and told him that we had been there for an hour an a half and that people were sat who came in before and after us. He shrugged, made no comment and went back to whatever he was doing. I left. \r \r I got to my car and realized that his response was not enough. I went back in the restaraunt and approached the hostess who orignally took our name from my wife. With no one waiting for her assistance or left to be sat for dinner I still had to wait for her to acknowledge my presence. When she did I exclaimed how long we had waited and that it was unacceptable and that I had purchased drinks that should have at least been comped for our wait and not once had anyone approached us or apologized for the wait. I made a slight scene but felt it was well deserved. A gentleman promptly approached to my side and became angry for the exact same reason. We had both waited for no less than 1.5 hours for nothing.\r \r Response from the hostess - she turned and walked away. I have worked in the food industry, retail and advertising and never in my life have I been treated with as much disrespect.\r
Mind ya
March 01, 2010

Great Fun & Food

Hibachi style food is awesome. The chefs are a lot of fun! Great place to take a group. Also really quick for lunch rather you are craving hibachi or sushi.
January 19, 2008


I have stayed in the University area of Charlotte many times over the past 15 years. When the University Place Nakoto location was first built and open for business I was interested but did not get around to visiting the restaurant until October of this year. I was quickly sorry that I had waited any time at all. The restaurant offers both Hibachi style food and my favorite, Sushi. Their selections are great and the food is excellent. The restaurant is slightly pricey but considering the value for what is offered I have no compaints. I look foward to visiting the restaurant again when I am next in Charlotte.
December 07, 2007
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