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A Guide To Victory Lane Indoor Karting

June 27, 2011 7:47 PM

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Courtesy: Facebook

Courtesy: Facebook

When it comes to family fun, it is all about Victory Lane Indoor Karting. Whether it be a large group or just a few friends…everyone is welcome for fun at Victory Lane Indoor Karting!

Victory Lane Indoor Karting Is…

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Courtesy: Facebook

Victory Lane Indoor Karting is an indoor conference center, race facility, and entertainment venue located deep in the heart of Charlotte. The 1/3 mile road course is the fastest in the Carolinas and one of the fastest in the nation; so it address your “need for speed”! Whether it be a little one’s birthday party, a group of co-workers or friends… Victory Lane Indoor Karting eagerly awaits to host your party!

The Facilities And Resources

When it comes to space, Victory Lane Indoor Karting has it! Some of the features include:
*75,000 s.f. of conference and entertainment space
*2,400 s.f. conference room
*700 s.f. conference room
*20,000 s.f. Hospitality space
*FREE WI-FI throughout the entire facility
*24 hour access for events 7 days a week
*Indoor venue not affected by weather
So you cannot go wrong whatever your function at Victory Lane Indoor Karting !

Adult Racing

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Who says adults cannot have fun? at Victory Lane Indoor Karting it is all about fun for adults! Organized races for adults is apart of that fun at Victory Lane Indoor Karting! For an affordable adventure in motorsports kart racing, you have driven to the right place! The expert staff at Victory Lane Indoor Karting understanding the challenges, triumphs and questions surrounding karting so they are willing to prepare you for an adventure that will be remembered for years to come! No matter what your needs may be, VLK is your place for great fun with motorsports! If you are looking to advance into the top tiers of motorsports or just looking for great family fun, the knowledgable and skilled staff will make sure you feel like racing family! Check out prices for memberships and racing!

8 Minute Race $24 per person
**One-day membership $5 per person

Membership $15.00
1 Member Race $20.00
3 Member Races $50.00
4 Member Races $55.00
8 Member Races $100.00
*Semi-Annual Pass $1500.00
*Annual Pass $2000.00
***ALL DAY RACE PASS $120 (Youth & Adult)
* Unlimited racing, does not include leagues

***Call ahead for track availability. Open racing only.

Youth Racing

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Kids and safe karting go hand and hand at VLK! Youth, who are over 48” tall and up to 15 years old are welcomed at VLK! The Sodi youth karts are specifically designed for children with an adjustable seat, steering wheel, and pedals. Youth must also be able to handle a kart to enjoy karting whether a beginner or experienced racer. With safety as the paramount key component, the experienced staff members can assist children with all of their motorsports needs and goals.

YOUTH (Ages 8-15)
8 Minute Race $19 per a person
**One-day membership $5

Membership $15.00
1 Member Race $15.00
3 Member Races $40.00
4 Member Races $45.00
8 Member Races $85.00
*Semi-Annual Pass Youth $900.00
*Annual Pass Youth $1500.00
***ALL DAY RACE PASS $120 (Youth & Adult)
* Unlimited racing, does not include leagues

***Call ahead for track availability. Open racing only.

Racing Rules

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Safety is paramount at VLK and ensuring safety, fairness and fun for all are also main objectives. The rules are implemented to help with creating an environment that is not only safe, but fun!
Rules at Victory Lane Indoor Karting
1. Your helmet should be on and the strap should be buckled.
2. Your track official will assign a kart and make adjustments to your seat and pedals if necessary.
3. After leaving the pit apply the brakes to get the feel. They are different from your automobile brakes.
4. Take the first lap slow, the clock has not started, do not race. Increase speed as you feel comfortable, but without bumping another kart or hitting the wall. The kart has no governor and we do not use electronic controls.
5. This is a non-contact sport. These are not bumper karts. If you are seen hitting another kart or the barrier system (intentionally or not), you will be given a warning with a black flag. If you get two black flags, you will be removed from the track. We do not give refunds for reckless driving.
6. Never slow down or stop on the track to wait for a friend as this can create a dangerous situation, for which you will be black-flagged.

The Karts

Victory Lane Karting uses the best karts in the industry: the 270 cc Honda powered Sodi Competition Race Karts powered by the Honda GX 270 RH 9HP non-governed racing Kart engines. The karts have the ability to maneuver and effortlessly around the track. Some of the features include:
*All around shock absorbing bumper system
*Black chassis, black spoilers
*Belt drive, with belt tensioner
*Brake disk and sprocket protector plates
*Size-adjusting, sliding pedals
*Fully enclosed fueltank
*Brake light
*Upholstered seat XXL
*Bottom Board

The Racing School

VLK’s Novice racing school is led by our racing instructor Dan Kraus, and assisted by Evan York; they serve as the perfect team to teach! Participants can enjoy Small class sizes, which ensures personalized attention and plenty of track time.

These classes, which are taught in the new Sodi racing karts powered by a Honda GX160cc engine, are for students between the ages of 8 and 15. They have a hydraulic clutch and gearbox , which make them pure racing machines!
Completion of the class earns students a license, free birthday race, and the ability to take on the next level of racing instruction at VLK, our Advanced kart racing school.

A $200.00 (50% Deposit must be made to reserve seat in class. Balance due before start of class)This class meets Sundays 8am-10am. You must arrive by 7:30am.

A parent or legal guardian must appear at VLK before class to complete waiver. VLK has the right to alter availability without advanced notice. For more information, call 704-373-9740.

More From VLK!

In addition to an online store, Victory Lane Indoor Karting offers summer camps, youth leagues, private lessons and additional supplemental classes. For an unforgettable experience in fun and a true instruction in successful motorsports, choose Victory Lane Indoor Karting The speed, fun and festivities are all there… so are the proper tools of obtaining all of your motorsports dreams and goals too!

Additional Information

2330 Tipton Drive
Charlotte, NC 28206



Mon – Thurs: 11:00 am-10:00 pm
Fri – Sat: 11:00 am-12:00 am
Sun: 12:00 pm-7:00 pm


Cicely C. Mitchell

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