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A Guide To The The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery

June 6, 2011 9:38 AM

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With Father’s Day in our midst, the time is right to honor Dad and what better way to do so, than a guide to enjoying beer made right here in Charlotte?! Learn more about The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery and spend your Father’s Day with Dad and a glass of brew!

The History of The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery

The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery( or the OMB) began as an idea from the founder back in 2007, after camping with his family in Montana. He felt that Charlotte, being the southern city of growth that it is, should not be without a quality brewery any longer. So he returned home and OMB was born. With a mission of producing the highest quality beer available locally and deliver it ultra-fresh to the Charlotte/Mecklenburg County region, OMB came to fruition in August 2008. A 15,000 square foot warehouse on Southside Drive in the heart of south Charlotte was leased and it was soon converted into a brewery.

Just five months later, OMB began crafting its first batch of brew, an authentic German-style Altbier, or what was quickly called OMB Copper. Made from the finest ingredients worldwide, it was an instant hit. Soon, sales began and the opening of the tap room and the beginning of of wholesale sales took shape.

In 2010, the brewery doubled in size with the leasing of the other side of the building; total square footage was now 30,000. The additional space allowed for a a bottling line and a private party room just off of the main tap room.

To this day, quality crafted beer is made in spacious surroundings and sold.

The Philosophy

omb pic51 A Guide To The The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery


It is a simple one: “No Shortcuts!” With quality ingredients used, comes quality beer. So there is no room for anything less. Brewing quality beer also requires focused, intensive and precise methods; OMB is committed to such. Decoction, the method in which obtaining a full-bodied, flavor rich beer is standard with OMB.

With a commitment to making the best beer possible, all OMB beers are lagered (cold conditioned) on the yeast after primary fermentation. OMB has a stands firm on supplying great tasting beer, that has been aged to perfection and formulated with ingredients that are second to none… their belief is simple… “Great beer… whatever it takes!”

Tap Room Opening Hours and Tour Schedule

The tap room is a room where the OMB creations can be enjoyed in a relaxed and informal setting. Food and merchandise sales also take place in the tap room.

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday Closed

Wednesday 4 – 8 pm

Thursday: 4 – 9 pm

Friday: 4 – 9 pm

Saturday: 12 – 8 pm

Free tours are given on Saturdays at 2 pm, 3 pm and 4 pm.

Visa, Mastercard and Discover as well as cash are accepted for all purchases.

The Beer

The OMB Copper This is the signature beer of OMB. OMB uses authentic ingredients in our Copper Altbier as well as noble Bavarian hops.Intensive brewing methods are used for the beer, which is known for its smooth, full-bodied and rich taste.

Lagers and Ales and Lagered Ales Both lagers and ales are produced at OMB with care and precision. Beers generally fall into either a lager or an ale; the yeast used to produce it dictates the kind of beer it is called. Lagered ales are somewhat of a hybrid beer. Their technical term is ales. Within their production, top fermenting (obergärig) yeast strains are used. Ale yeasts are considered “top fermenting” yeasts and within their production, a more undefined head of foam on the beer results, during fermentation. Within the various seasons, various beers are produced. For example, in spring, connoisseurs can enjoy the Frueh Bock . It is known by its strong, deep and golden hue. In the summer, the Captain James Jack Pilsner is a favorite. The straw-colored lager is known for his smooth, full-bodied taste. During Christmas, celebrate the holiday season with Yule Bock . It is an authentic German-style “Weihnachtsbockbock” (Christmas Bock), made with select premium European barley malts.

OMB Information

Brewery Location:
215 Southside Drive
Charlotte, North Carolina 28217
Tel. 704-525-5644
Fax 704-525-5645

Bars and restaurants, to get OMB beer, call 704-525-5644.


Cicely C. Mitchell

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