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A Guide To The The Light Factory-Contemporary Museum Of Photography & Film

July 13, 2011 8:00 AM

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The Light Factory-Contemporary Museum of Photography & Film promotes the power of image in a creative and innovative setting that invites questions as much as answers. Through stimulating, challenging and informative sessions and opportunities, visitors are invited to expand their minds, recreate their surroundings and bring focus to the shape of imagination. Explore all that The Light Factory-Contemporary Museum of Photography & Film has to offer!

The Light Factory-Contemporary Museum of Photography & Film Is…

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The Light Factory Contemporary Museum of Photography and Film is one of only four museums for photography and film in the United States. We have served as a haven for artists to express new ideas through photography and filmmaking, and to support cutting edge art since 1972.

The Light Factory was founded in 1972 as a Photographers’ Cooperative. The objective: “to nurture a growing community of emerging artist-photographers and increase appreciation for photography as an art form.” As word of its existence spread, and population grew, The Light Factory quickly became a museum, dedicated to exhibition as well as education. In 1999, The Light Factory added film to its mission of education and imagery expansion. Independent film and emerging new media are also the focus of the Light Factory. All year round, visitors to the museum can partake of special screenings,documentaries, narrative films, experimental films, animation and The Light Factory Filmmakers’ Showcase of short films. Today The Light Factory , which is only one of four museums in the United States that promote the power of image through photography and film, features world-renowned exhibits of imagery, photographs, film and production. Classes in photography and filmmaking, outreach programs are also apart of the fabric of The Light Factory.


A host of exhibits are always readily available for patrons’ eyes and souls. Each offers vast and various interpretations of life, experiences. From student work created by English as a Second Language students in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools to the work of professional photographers to amateur hobbyists… a variety of mediums and formats make for work that is showcased, admired and inspirational.


Cinema is indeed art and at the Light Factory it is clearly easy to see why. The the textures and layers of film as well as the imaginations behind the development of productions are fascinating and patrons of The Light Factory are invited to delve into the minds and thoughts of filmmakers. Cinema that ranges from humor, drama are all presented in a non-commercial environment. That way, participants are able to expand their vision of cinema as well as pre-conceived notions about cinema beyond a movie screen. Every month, The Light Factory screens films that vary in size, scope, and medium. And with close partnerships with the Sundance Film Festival to the Independent Film Channel aspiring filmmakers have a springboard and a platform to showcase the thoughts and ideas they believe to exist with audiences. Submissions are invited and a screening process is implemented. If you are a filmmaker who has a film to showcase, you can send your completed film on DVD or CD-Rom to:
Director of Film, The Light Factory; 345 N. College Street, Charlotte, NC 28202.


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Classes are offered for both adults as well as youth. The settings for both offer intimate, one on one mentoring and support in a setting that fosters expansion of the mind. From classes in basic point-and-shoot to portraiture, Photoshop, and more, The Light Factory offers 3-8 week long courses that are taught by professionals who have studied and excelled in the realms of film and photography. You may register for classes online or over the phone at 704-333-9755. Looking for ways to build teamwork amongst co-workers? The Light Factory offers settings for that as well. Whether it be a fun day out with those you work with or a work-related project that needs freshness and clarity, The Light Factory can supply the setting, coaching and assistance you and your co-workers need.

Additional Information

345 N College Street
Charlotte, NC 28202


Mon – Sat:9:00 am-6:00 pm
Sun:1:00 pm-6:00 pm


Cicely C. Mitchell

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