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A Guide To The Bed and Bike Inn!

November 1, 2011 9:00 AM

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Whether a peaceful retreat is needed or a nice and tranquil getaway is necessary, the Bed and Bike Inn is the perfect destination. Located just minutes away from the Uwharrie National Forest, the Bed and Bike Inn offers many activities where relaxation take center stage! Learn more about one of the most tranquil, yet stimulating places on earth!

Get To Know Your Hosts!

Ellen Whiteside was born with an adventurous spirit! Whiteside graduated from Clemson University and worked for a year in Washington, D.C. She later traveled throughout Europe, absorbing the culture and people. After working as a licensed massage therapist, Whiteside returned to the South in 2003. Reuniting with partner and love, Tim Beebe, the Bed and Bike Inn became a reality. To this day, Whiteside welcomes visitors to what many call ” a slice of heaven” and makes it a home away from home for all!

Tim Beebe was raised on a large poultry and cattle farm! With the ability to fix anything that needs fixing, Beebe thinks of himself as more than an innkeeper but one who provides comic relief and fun for the temporary residents of the inn!

The inn dog, Wooza-Wooza also works to make your stay a wonderful and welcoming stay!


From May through September, visitors are able to experience paddling within a kayak in the moonlight! Kayaking is available and all equipment and materials are given to you! So when the time is right, take advantage of the calmness of outside and of tranquil waters!

Wine Tours!

With 5 vineyards within a 30-mile radius of the Bed & Bike Inn, there are great opportunities for great wine tours! Come to know the vital part North Carolina plays in wine production and taste some of the most delicious wines in the world!

Biking/Walking Trails!

The winding roads near the Bed and Bike Inn lead to peaceful and wonderful sights, sounds and breaths of true and amazing nature. Take a walk on one of the scenic nature trails or grab that special person and choose to bike in the early morning hours of a new day! Cue sheets of varying distances are available as well as recommendations and maps!

Massage Therapy!

Your visit to the Bed & Bike Inn is not complete unless you indulge in a true and relaxing massage! Wonderful stress-reliving massages are available from a licensed Massage Therapist. You can schedule a massage when you make your reservation. A toxin-free life is also ideal so Ionic Detox Foot baths are also available!

Additional Luxuries & Accommodations!

Shopping, history tours and warm accommodations are all at your fingertips at the Bed and Bike Inn! Come to learn the history of the area and take home some of the treasures of the area! You will feel refreshed and energized after a wonderful night’s sleep in their wonderful cottages and inns so make it a point to simply… be!

The Journey To Peace!

Mailing Address:

15750 Mattons Grove Church Rd., Gold Hill NC 28071


(704) 463-0768


Check out prices here and plan your getaway!

The Sacred Grove Retreat:

Visit the Sacred Grove Retreat website here! It is just minuets from The Bed and Bike Inn!

Make sure to visit the Bed and Bike Inn website today and plan one of the most fantastic vacations you ever planned!

Cicely C. Mitchell

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