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A Guide To The McColl Center for Visual Art

August 21, 2011 4:21 PM

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The McColl Center for Visual Art is Charlotte’s leading center in the conceptualization, creation and execution of authentic and one of a kind visual art from dedicated and skilled artists. Take a tour of this one of a kind facility and come to know what lies within the walls of The McColl Center for Visual Art!

The McColl Center for Visual Art is

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The McColl Center for Visual Art is a nationally acclaimed contemporary art center with a premise of connecting artists to art… to the public. Displays feature one of kind pieces with rich stories, details and explanations behind them. Located in a historic, neo-Gothic church in Uptown Charlotte, the center is home to over 5,000 square feet of studios and gallery space. The pubic is always welcomed to tour the galleries, ask questions and explore the space with an open mind and soul.

Center Residencies

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The McColl Center for Visual Art provides residencies for artists. Two available session options are there for artists: one is in the fall (Sept-Nov) and winter (Jan-Mar). They last approximately 11-12 weeks. Artists are expected to work in their studios Monday- Friday from 11AM to 4PM. Artists must meet eligibility requirements and meet certain standards.

Special Times During Open Door Saturdays

During Saturdays artists work with their doors open. It serves as an invitation for the public and interested up and coming artists to discuss art. The opportunities to connect with artists are endless and can help to provide insight, understanding, critiques and layered dialogue that encourages and enlightens both the artist as well as the one with whom is being spoken to. The remaining Open Door Saturdays within 2011 are: September 17 and October 8, 29.


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Exhibits feature the work of artists who are both gifted, talented. Their work is that of personal accounts, dreams and visions. Each artist has gone to the depths of his or her soul to create art and pieces that can potentially incorporate technology, a variety of mediums, heart and soul. Check with the website to learn of current as well as future exhibits.

Your Involvement…

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The opportunities to become involvement are almost as the energy that is within the McColl Center for Visual Art. Not only are financial gifts accepted but opportunities for individuals to assist with special events as well as educational programs and other endeavors by the center. No matter your age, specialty or skill level… as long as you possess a willingness to help you are welcomed!

Additional Information

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721 N. Tryon St.

Charlotte, NC 28202




Tues – Sat

11 AM – 4 PM




Cicely C. Mitchell

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