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A Guide To Halloween Safety!

October 23, 2011 9:08 PM

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File photo of kids trick-or-treating. ( (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

File photo of kids trick-or-treating. ( (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

When it comes to Halloween safety, there are certain steps that must be taken to ensure a “boo-tiful” and memorable time! So check out some local resources and tips that will have you, the monsters, ghosts and fellow goblins having a “haunting” good Halloween holiday!

Safety First!

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By: Melissa Majchrzak/ National Basketball

When it comes to Halloween evening and the little trick-or-treaters who will take to the streets in search of the most delicious candy and treats, it is all about maintaining safety. So as a parent, it is important to know you have resources. Do you know where your local police department and fire department stations are located? Are you familiar with the surroundings of your neighborhood? Have you mapped out a plan for the evening? And are you familiar with the homes you will visit for treats during the evening? It is important that you do know the answers to these questions and Charlotte-Mecklenburg law enforcement, combined with other surrounding cities and counties are joining forces this Halloween to ensure a safe and wonderful Halloween for everyone!

The Candy Examinations!

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By: Joe Raedle/ Getty Images News

Many local businesses offer free examinations of Halloween candy. So make sure to call your local law enforcement offices to find out which businesses in your neighborhood will be examining Halloween candy! The examination of Halloween candy provides a great way to inspect for foreign objects, especially metal materials, that may be hidden. Many examinations of the sweet treats, however, can not detect all possible signs of harm, including candy that has been tampered with chemicals, liquids, powders, other types of foreign substances, etc… So therefore it is important that parents keep an active role in their children’s health and education. If any candy looks suspicious or looks as if it has been tampered with, throw it out or turn it over to the local law enforcement department.

Halloween Candy Safety Tips:

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By: Eric Miller/ Getty Images News

Here are a few tips when it comes to those tasty Halloween treats!
1. Examine candy wrappers carefully.

2. Do not let your kids consume any candy before you inspect it.

3. Discard candy with wrappers that are discolored or faded.

4. Discard home wrapped treats from unknown sources such as cookies, popcorn and baked goods.

5. Pay attention to any foods that your kids may have allergies to.

Halloween Safety Tips:

825519 picnik  A Guide To Halloween Safety!

By: Eric Miller/ Getty Images News

As parents and guardians of our little ghosts and goblins,we are well aware of the safety measures that must be implemented during Halloween evening. But it never hurts to have a refresher course in Halloween safety when it comes to our children! Here are some (common sense) tips that we can all adhere to!

1. Make sure your kids can safely walk through neighborhoods, especially when it gets dark.

2. A good flashlight or glow sticks or reflective lighting to kids’ costumes are good ideas so kids can be seen after dark.

3. Travel in groups and do not walk in between parked cars.

4. Make sure masks are big enough to allow for as much peripheral vision as possible.

5. If possible, use flame proof materials for costumes; if homemade, make sure kids are careful around pumpkins or anything with candles lit around or inside it.

6. Props and accessories with costumes, such as fake swords, pitch forks, knives, and other accessories, should be made of a safe soft material.

7. If you are driving, be cautious and drive slowly, especially through residential areas.

Law Enforcement Is There To Help & Have Fun With You!

825529 picnik1  A Guide To Halloween Safety!

By: Eric Miller/ Getty Images News

Local law enforcement officials will be on stand-by to ensure safety within all neighborhoods. Do not be surprised if some of them want to take part in the fun! They are there to be utilized and should a question or issue arise, they are there to assist you! So take advantage of their services! We all know how and when to call 911 in the event of an emergency, but here are a few numbers of local law enforcement officials that will be ready to help during Halloween! So Happy Halloween and here’s to a great night of “ghostly” fun!

1. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

601 East Trade Street, Charlotte – (704) 336-8535

4045 N Tryon St # B, Charlotte – (704) 336-8398

119 East 7th Street, Charlotte – (704) 353-0477

Visit the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department website today!

2. Mint Hill Police Department

Town of Mint Hill, NC PO Box 23457-7151

7200 Matthews-Mint Hill Road
Mint Hill, NC 28227-7593
(704) 545-1085

The Mint Hill Police Department is here to serve you!

3. Pineville Police Department

300 Main Street
Pineville, NC 28134
(704) 889-7867

Visit the Pineville Police Department website today!

4. Matthews Police Department

1201 Crews Road
Matthews, NC 28105-7581
(704) 847-4069

Let the Matthews Police Department answer all of your questions!

5. Huntersville Police Department

102 Gilead Road
Huntersville, North Carolina 28078

The Huntersville Police Department is equipped to help you now!

Cicely C. Mitchell

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