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A Guide To Carowinds Amusement Park

April 7, 2011 10:51 PM

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Are you ready for fun? Are you ready for thrills? Are you ready for live entertainment and endless days and nights of the best in rides and attractions? Then you are ready for Carowinds Amusement Park! The action-packed palace of fun awaits to entertain, inspire and intrigue you with a host of fun, at every corner and turn! Excitably known as the “thrill capital of the Southeast” , Carowinds Amusement Park is the destination for endless hours of entertainment and festivities! Take a tour of information and make plans to take the family, the friends or the family AND friends to one of the most exciting places on earth!

Roller Coasters

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If you are brave enough to ride one of the thirteen roller coasters at Carowinds, then you are in for unexpected twists, turns and speed! The 32-passenger “Afterburn” boasts inverted steel coaster with floorless cars suspended below the track. While the “Intimidator” tallest, fastest, and longest coaster in the Southeast, the “Nighthawk” is the Carolina’s only flying coaster soars riders through eight inversions. Needless to say there are drops, immeasurable heights and speed that make roller coasters at Carowinds a must for many!

Additional Rides

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Whether you are in need of additional rocking and rolling, your need for speed can be met with the other rides Carowinds has to offer. The ever-popular “Scream Weaver” indeed lives up to its name. It’s a large wheel with interconnected gondolas that spin horizontally before tilting into a vertical position. Riders are then sent into an upside down orbit. The “Drop Tower” gives brave souls an open car open car that lifts 160 feet into the air at a speed of 16 feet per second. In addition to thrill rides, there are those carnival classics such as “The Scrambler”, bumper cars and the “YoYo”the high flying swing that provides a true lift for the entire family.

Boomerang Bay

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For the water enthusiast, “Boomerang Bay” offers a 20-acre “aqua-tacular”, sun soaker’s paradise. Such attractions as “Bondi Beach”, “Down Under Thunder”, “Jackroo Landing” provide hours of water fun for the whole family. So bring your swimsuit and wate-repellant sunblock for hours of fun in the water and sun!

Live Shows

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For the best in live entertainment for the whole family, join the fun with the PEANUTS™ gang and attend a live show! Charlie Brown, Lucy and Linus and even Snoopy await you and want your company during their adventures, songs, dances and wholesome family adventures! Enjoy the bright lights with “Snoopy’s Starlight Spectacular” or stay for the fun of the “PEANUTS™ Rockin’ Party”! Whatever you choose to be apart of, you can be rest assured of magic, fun and excitement with the live shows at Carowinds!


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There is one ghostly time of year in which Carowinds transforms into a spooky spectacular scene. As the season changes into the briskness of autumn, Carowinds is then known as “SCarowinds”. The ever popular attraction celebrates the wonder and scariness of Halloween with multitude of activities.

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The ghosts, gouls, goblins and gravediggers are out on the prowl and looking for those who dare to trespass on their property! There are also mazes, hunts and other “boo-tiful” activities for those who are brave enough to endure the unexpected!

Check the Carowinds’ website for details and discounts for SCarowinds. Many times there are special group rates offered. Many local stores also offer deals on SCarowinds.

Tips For Your Trip

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For a memorable, safe fun trip to Carowinds, it is important to keep a few things in mind. Proper planning can make for a joyous time with friends and family.

Dressing Comfortably-You and your family and guests will be spending several hours out at the park so wear breathable clothes and comfortable shoes. Keep in mind that outside temperatures will fluctuate so you want clothing that is able to keep you cool/warm.

Best Time To Visit It is recommended to visit the park during “off-peak” hours and times. Lines are usually shorter on Sundays versus Saturdays. Weekdays are even a better time to visit!

Packing Items such as cameras, video camcorders, strollers, buggies for children and purses can become quite bulky and weigh you down. Consider lightweight items and even consider a “fannie pack” or other tote that will allow you tremendous freedom to move about the park.

Baby Care Center Guests with infants are welcomed to take advantage of the Baby Care Center in Planet Snoopy. Nursing mothers will find a rocking chair, a microwave and a diaper changing station.


Address for GPS users: 300 Carowinds Blvd., Fort Mill, SC 29708;
Park Address:14523 Carowinds Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28273

Phone Number


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How To Get To Carowinds Amusement Park

Carowinds is located 15 minutes from Uptown Charlotte at exit 90 (Carowinds Blvd.) off Interstate 77 at the North Carolina/South Carolina border. Nearby major cities include Columbia, SC (83 miles), Greensboro, NC (104 miles), Greenville, SC (105 miles), Raleigh, NC (179 miles), Augusta, GA (155 miles) and Atlanta, GA (248 miles). Carowinds is also about twenty minutes from the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Interested in a bus or train ride to Carowinds? Greyhound has 18,000 daily departures to more than 2,600 cities one of which includes Charlotte, NC. For more information, visit their website or call toll-free 1-800-229-9424. Amtrak trains operate over more than 22,000 route miles and operate in 45 states. There is no service from Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, South Dakota and Wyoming.Train service is available to Charlotte, NC. For more information call Amtrak directly at 1-800-USA-RAIL.

Deals and Discounts

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2011 Carowinds Gold Season Pass A 2011 pass is seen as an economical choice as it reportedly pays for itself in less than 2 visits. Special pricing is available for the 2011 season pass.

Discounts at Burger King Restaurants Save $15.00 off a full-price Regular Single Day admission with the purchase of a Medium or Large value meal or soft drink at participating BURGER KING® restaurants.

Military Discounts Active or retired servicemen and servicewomen can enjoy all of the benefits and fun of an action packed day at Carowinds for $31.99 each. Tickets can be purchased any day at the Carowinds Front Gate. Those wishing for the military discount must show proper identification. Tickets can also be purchased through local military installations.

-Cicely C. Mitchell-

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